26 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “The experimental study of microwave power transmission and active energy harvesting”

Speaker: Prof. Shigeo Kawasaki

ABSTRACT: Researchers around the world have started developing green wireless energy/power technology, focusing on environmental issues, human–nature interactions and cost-effectiveness. This technology is called as “the wireless energy transfer and conversion”. In the presentation, the wireless green-eco technologies by microwave technology and the category of wireless power transmission and energy harvesting were introduced. Components and [...]

19 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “EURASIP Seminar: Parameter estimation and synchronization in digital satellite receivers”

ABSTRACT: In contrast to terrestrial communication systems, satellite-based solutions offer some remark- able benefits: they are quickly deployed, services are provided to equal costs within the whole coverage zone, and they form a key element for ubiquitous access on a worldwide level. Only via a satellite-based infrastructure one can connect isolated regions, like polar or [...]

17 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Look bro! No hands! The experiences of the Geomatics division with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”

17 September 2014 - 17 September 2014
Speaker: Pere Molina

ABSTRACT: Drones. That word, capable of evoking the worst fears to some of you -yet, also evoking some of our (the Geomatics division’s) best feelings and memories! Indeed, Geomatics and Unmanned Technology have come together since around thirty years now; so it is time to time to stop and look back to understand how they [...]

09 SEP

New Job Opening

CTTC is interested in filling a new job position. Marie Curie Action Early Stage Researcher Position in Smart Grid Technology (Project ADVANTAGE). Click here for more information.

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