Organization and Management


CTTC is a non-profit research center, from a public initiative and with a high degree of self-financing, open to the participation of other public and private bodies, as well as to partnership with the industrial and business sectors.

CTTC has a professional scientific management, a critical mass of researchers and projects, real possibilities of growing and establishing durable links with the industrial and business sectors, and the capacity of leadering technological projects, both national and international.

The expertise accumulated at CTTC makes us one of the primary addresses for Spanish telecom industry, as well as one of the leading European institutions for research at physical, access and network layers in telecommunications.


CTTC’s core activity is the conception, design and implementation of research and development projects, which have to produce innovative results in all their development phases, in both scientific and engineering terms. The acquisition of an international reputation in its scientific and technological activity, shaped in terms of scientific production, will favour CTTC’s mission of becoming an Excellence Center.

CTTC aims at fostering innovation potential by making new scientific knowledge accessible and supporting its implementation.

In this way, CTTC significantly contributes to consolidating Barcelona’s position as an important center of technology, besides helping expand Spain’s role within the European telecommunications research community and industry. Finally, CTTC contributes to the economic growth of the Catalan industrial context, by becoming a partner of solid reputation in research and technological development, as well as a provider of knowledge and human resources for the industrial research.

R&D Policy

CTTC establishes an R&D policy aiming at promoting the R&D activities as a differential factor of competitiveness in the related sectors. This Policy establishes guidelines for the development and efficient management of R&D activities with the aim of guaranteeing an alignment of all the members of the organization towards the Policy objectives.

In order to carry out this policy, the CTTC is committed to implement an R&D Management System, based on the UNE166002:2014 standard, which complies with the requirements of current legislation, and its continuous improvement.

To this end, the organization will foster an innovative culture and provide the necessary resources and tools to create the infrastructures that support the R&D activities and ensure that appropriate projects are carried out in an appropriate manner. The organization will involve in this process and its results all the interested parties, both inside and outside the CTTC.

Organization Chart: To be published soon