05 June 2017

APAC Innovation Summit 2017 – Robotics

CTTC, as Supporting Organisation of APAC Innovation Summit 2017 Series, is pleased to announce the event APAC Innovation Summit 2017 – Robotics  that is going to be held on June, 5-6 at Grand Hall & Conference Hall 4-7, Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Overview: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) rarely has a physical format but it penetrates into wide segments of our daily lives, with huge implications for a wide range of industries, such as industrial automation, services, transportation and wellness. Any robotics without A.I. is just a tool; only solutions embedded with A.I. would become intelligent, just as human with a brain has the ability to self-learn and even learn from each other. While A.I. is taking the world stage and transforming it in the process, this conference will bring together a world cast of leading experts including academia, decision makers and thought leaders to exchange insights on the latest trends.


Upcoming APAC Innovation Summit events:

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5-6 June 2017           Robotics

7-8 Sept 2017           Smart City