14 December 2015

Best Paper Award in the prestigious IEEE Globecom 2015 conference

The research paper “CORE: A Clustering Optimization algorithm for Resource Efficiency in LTE-A Networks” presented in the prestigious IEEE Globecom 2015 conference and authored by the Head of the SMARTECH department Dr. Christos Verikoukis in collaboration with Mr. George Kollias, Dr. Ferran Adelantado and Dr. Konstantinos Ramantas, has been awarded as the best paper of the CQRM symposium.

The paper considers the creation of Device-to-Device (D2D) based clusters of users where intra-cluster communication will be achieved over UL resources for 5G wireless networks. The minimization of the required resources (equivalent to the maximization of the spectral efficiency), is formulated as an integer (binary) linear optimization problem. A low-complexity clustering optimization algorithm for resource efficiency (CORE), is also devised. Simulation results prove that CORE to increases the spectral efficiency and the network’s capacity.

The work has been partially funded by AGAUR (2014SGR 1551) and by CellFive (TEC2014-60130-P) Research Projects.