07 March 2016

Ricard Vilalta receives the ONF Outstanding Initiative Award

Ricard Vilalta has over the past year taken on the major work of driving the development of YANG and JSON data models and automated tools for the Transport API project. His work has bridged the gap between the standards work on modeling of transport networks and services and the development of software (including open source).

Ricard hand-coded the YANG Schema for the Transport API UML Information Model which served as the basis for the UML-YANG mapping guidelines. This work has applicability beyond just Transport API work and is a significant piece of the broader ONF Information Modeling tool set that is being contributed to the industry through the Open Source SDN Eagle project. Ricard (and the ICT STRAUSS project) have also contributed the YANG-to-SWAGGER API and YANG-to-JSON Schema generation tools, which have enabled implementation of the Transport API models into working interfaces within transport network SDN controllers and elements. Ricard has demonstrated outstanding initiative, energy and determination in his work, and the Open Transport Working Group owes him and the ICT STRAUSS project a debt of gratitude for their efforts.