Call 2/2009-1 - PhD Fellowships 2009

16 October 2009 - Expires: 14 June 2009

Four-year PhD Fellowships to carry out the PhD Thesis in Radio Communications, Access Technologies, Communications Subsystems, Optical Networking and IP Technologies Areas.

Call 1/2013-4 - Post-Doc – Access Technologies Area

30 October 2007

Multi-user wireless systems, multi-carrier modulation (OFDM, MC-CDMA, etc), interference cancellation, cross-layer designs, MAC protocols, power control, handoff wireless/satellite, transceiver design, RRM, multi-hop transmission.

Call 1/2013-3 - Post-Doc – Radio Communications Area

30 October 2007

Signal processing for mobile/wireless communications, space-time coding/processing, channel coding, cross-layer designs, MIMO processing, turbo coding, multi-user detection (MUD), acquisition and synchronization, receiver design, satellite communications.

Call 1/2013-2 - Post-Doc – IP Technologies Area

30 October 2007

Network performance evaluation and quality of service, from both theoretical and experimental points of view, IP Protocols, QoS and mobility, security, knowledge of queuing theory, network calculus, graph theory, performance measurement techniques and architectures, statistical

Call 1/2013-1 - Post-Doc – Communications Subsystems Area

09 July 2007

Implementation of subsystems for application in RF/microwave and communication systems, RF MEMS, MMIC, microwave passive devices, microwave photonics, EM modeling/CAD for passive components, amplifiers and high-frequency circuits, positioning systems (GPS, Galileo).