Call 1/2010-2 - Research Engineer -Networking Engineer (1 position)

11 February 2010 - Expires: 18 March 2010

The candidate must have knowledge and experience in the development of networked systems in C and C++, with emphasis in VoIP applications, development of software in GNU/Linux environments, knowledge of GNU/Linux system administration development tools.

Call 1/2010-1 - Research Associate -Engineering Unit- (1 position)

11 February 2010 - Expires: 18 March 2010

The candidate must have a solid background in design and development of advanced antennas for microwave applications, hands-on experience in antenna characterization in anechoic chamber, measurement methods and fabrication.

Call 7/2009-1 - Research Engineer -Software Engineer (1 position)

05 November 2009 - Expires: 17 December 2009

A software engineer / developer, with experience in networked systems development in C and C++ languages. Knowledge of software development in POSIX, GNU/Linux environments is a must, including IPC mechanisms (BSD sockets, shared memory…) and POSIX threads. The applicant must have a good theoretical knowledge of networking in general, and TCP/IP protocols in particular (including routing and signalling protocols), as well as experience in client/server applications or network control & management frameworks. Knowledge of perl, GTK/QT GUI, C GLIB or C++ Boost libraries, as well as previous experience working with or developing protocol stacks (e.g. Zebra, Quagga, XORP, NS2…), is highly appreciated

Call 5/2009-3 - Research Engineer -Communications and Signal Processing Modeling Engineer (3 positions)

07 August 2009 - Expires: 03 August 2009

Rapid prototyping and concept demonstration of wireless communication technologies. Experience in model based design and software implementation of radio interfaces at the PHY/MAC level for a variety of radio signal waveforms, such as, e.g., WiMAX, LTE and Wireless Sensor Networks. Demonstrated proficiency in wireless systems programming (C/C++) and scripting (Python), and working knowledge of object-oriented design methodologies. Experience in embedded development is a plus.

Call 5/2009-2 - Research Engineer -System Engineer (1 position)

12 June 2009 - Expires: 22 July 2009

Integration and configuration of wireless systems solutions, from requirements analysis and technical specification to system prototyping. Strong knowledge of simulation/testing of telecommunication systems. Solid programming skills (C/C++) is a plus, as it is basic knowledge of physical layer implementation and interfacing to RF hardware.

Call 5/2009-1 - Research Engineer -Digital Baseband Engineer (1 position)

12 June 2009 - Expires: 06 August 2009

Support, analysis and implementation of wireless and mobile communications technologies. Experience in developing physical layer embedded software, digital baseband signal processing algorithms, and interfacing to RF hardware. Strong working knowledge of DSP/FPGA design (C/VHDL) and simulation tools (Matlab/Simulink). Familiarity with wireless standards and protocols is a plus (e.g., WiMAX, LTE).