Call 2/2010-2 - Research Associate – Intelligent Energy (1 Position)

28 July 2010 - Expires: 25 August 2010

PhD in telecommunications, preferably with experience in these fields: large system analysis of wireless communication systems, cooperative transmission, distributed spatial diversity architectures and signal processing for communications.

Call 2/2010-2 - Research Associate – IP Technologies (1 Position)

17 May 2010 - Expires: 30 June 2010

PhD in telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields, with experience in cognitive wireless networking, cross-layer optimization, and techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and/or Game Theory applied to the optimization of the operation of heterogeneous wireless networks.

Call 1/2010-2 - Research Engineer -Networking Engineer (1 position)

11 February 2010 - Expires: 18 March 2010

The candidate must have knowledge and experience in the development of networked systems in C and C++, with emphasis in VoIP applications, development of software in GNU/Linux environments, knowledge of GNU/Linux system administration development tools.

Call 1/2010-1 - Research Associate -Engineering Unit- (1 position)

11 February 2010 - Expires: 18 March 2010

The candidate must have a solid background in design and development of advanced antennas for microwave applications, hands-on experience in antenna characterization in anechoic chamber, measurement methods and fabrication.

Call 7/2009-1 - Research Engineer -Software Engineer (1 position)

05 November 2009 - Expires: 17 December 2009

A software engineer / developer, with experience in networked systems development in C and C++ languages. Knowledge of software development in POSIX, GNU/Linux environments is a must, including IPC mechanisms (BSD sockets, shared memory…) and POSIX threads. The applicant must have a good theoretical knowledge of networking in general, and TCP/IP protocols in particular (including routing and signalling protocols), as well as experience in client/server applications or network control & management frameworks. Knowledge of perl, GTK/QT GUI, C GLIB or C++ Boost libraries, as well as previous experience working with or developing protocol stacks (e.g. Zebra, Quagga, XORP, NS2…), is highly appreciated

Call 5/2009-3 - Research Engineer -Communications and Signal Processing Modeling Engineer (3 positions)

07 August 2009 - Expires: 03 August 2009

Rapid prototyping and concept demonstration of wireless communication technologies. Experience in model based design and software implementation of radio interfaces at the PHY/MAC level for a variety of radio signal waveforms, such as, e.g., WiMAX, LTE and Wireless Sensor Networks. Demonstrated proficiency in wireless systems programming (C/C++) and scripting (Python), and working knowledge of object-oriented design methodologies. Experience in embedded development is a plus.