Call 2/2007-6 - Research Engineer – RF lab (1 position)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 13 September 2007

Test & measurement instrumentation for RF/microwave devices, wedge bonding and/or operation of probe stations (preferably Süss Microtec), hands-on experience in the manipulation of measurement components (e.g. cables, connectors, attenuators, couplers, baluns, loads, etc) and calibration methodologies (e.g. for oscilloscopes, network analyzers, digital multimeters and spectrum analysers). Previous experience on the interconnection and programming of measurement equipment (GPIB, Visual Basic or Visual C++) is highly appreciated.

Call 2/2007-5 - Research Engineer – Radiofrequency (2 positions)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 10 October 2007

Design of active components for RF/microwave chains (e.g. mixers, oscillators and amplifiers); interest in MMIC/RFIC technologies and appropriate CAD tools. Preferably with some knowledge in areas such as semiconductor processing capabilities, design and layout rules and tools, library designs, simulation tools, device and circuit element models, design and processing flow and test methodology.

Call 2/2007-3 - Research Engineer – Hardware (2 positions)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 10 October 2007

Mentor Graphics software package or equivalent, FPGA programming in VHDL language (knowledge of Xilinx’s ISE environment is highly appreciated), familiarity with DSP architectures in particular TI’s. Preference will be given to candidates with
experience in RF implementation/interconnection of lab equipment with FPGA/DSP boards or PCs.

Call 2/2007-1 - Research Engineer – System-level simulator (1 position)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 20 July 2007

Design and development of a system-level simulation platform for wireless communication systems. Knowledge in object-oriented programming (C++), SystemC, basic knowledge in wireless network communication protocols and layer 1-2 functionalities (radio resource management, multiple access schemes, etc.)

Call 3/2007 - Research Engineer – Software (1 position)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 15 October 2007

System-level development on GNU/Linux with in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP networking, specially routing and signalling protocols. Practical experience in C or C++ programming (multi-threaded applications, inter-process communication, low level sockets) and GNU/Linux development tools is required. Other valued merits are: expertise in application layer internet protocols, experience running application layer servers (Apache, etc.), knowledge of interpreted languages (Perl, bash scripting,…) and basic knowledge of GNU/Linux system administration and Cisco networks.