Call 4/2012-1 - Research Associate – IP technologies (1 position)

29 June 2012 - Expires: 20 July 2012
IP Technologies (Ref. 4/2012-1, 1 position): The candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or related disciplines, and research experience in analysis of data networks. Publication records in one or more of the following specialization areas will be highly valued: wireless networks, stochastic network optimization,control theory, network calculus, stochastic geometry, queuing theory, graph theory, renewal theory, network algorithmics. The researcher will mainly contribute to the research lines of 'Self-organized wireless networks' and 'Novel techniques for network performance assessment'.


Applicants for Research Associate positions must be very motivated, hold a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science, or related fields; capacity of carrying out innovative research as well as proven experience in research;a good publication record is fundamental. Practical experience and work experience in international and national R&D projects carried out in the context of R&D institutions is highly appreciated.


The position is permanent. The salary, in the range 34,000 – 37,000 €/year (gross), will be determined according to qualifications and work experience.

Applications from physically challenged candidates will be specifically taken into account.