Call 3/2007 - Research Engineer – Software (1 position)

09 July 2007 - Expires: 15 October 2007


We are looking for (1) skilled engineers with previous work experience in at least one of the fields listed and, (2) graduate engineers with a solid academic record and willingness to develop a career in software engineering.

Software engineer position: System-level development on GNU/Linux with in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP networking, specially routing and signalling protocols. Practical experience in C or C++ programming (multi-threaded applications, inter-process communication, low level sockets) and GNU/Linux development tools is required. Other valued merits are: expertise in application layer internet protocols, experience running application layer servers (Apache, etc.), knowledge of interpreted languages (Perl, bash scripting,…) and basic knowledge of GNU/Linux system administration and Cisco networks.


Applicants must hold an MSc/Engineering degree in telecommunications, electronics, computer science or related fields, capacity of carrying out innovative research independently. Experience in R&D or industrial projects carried out in the context of research institutions and centres is a plus.


The position is permanent. Both junior and senior profiles are sought. The rank and gross salary, in the range 22,000-25,000 €/year (junior) and 27,000-30,000 €/year (senior), will be determined according to qualifications and work experience.