Call 3/2013-1 - Software Engineer Position in the Communication Networks Division

06 June 2013 - Expires: 21 June 2013


• C/C++ and Java
• Linux programming
• Knowledge of networking
• Strong motivation and desire to learn and explore new technologies.
• Good analysis, problem solving, organizational and multi-tasking skills.
• High level of English
• Scripting languages are a plus (perl, python, bash)


Applicants must hold an MSc/Engineering degree in computer science, telecommunications, or related fields. Experience in R&D or industrial projects carried out in the context of research institutions or industry is appreciated.


The position is full time, linked to the duration of the STRAUSS project ( Profiles with different levels of work experience are sought. The rank and gross salary, in the range 18,000-24,000€/year, will be determined according to qualifications and work experience.

CTTC is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from physically challenged candidates will be specifically taken into account.