Micro-and Millimetre -Wabe Lab.


The Micro-and Millimetre -Wabe Lab. provides a wide range of measurement and test equipment for RF/Microwave circuits and systems up to 67 GHz. Bonding machine and probe station for on chip and/or on wafer measurements are also available. Each equipment is connected to LAN allowing for remote and automatic measurements.


An indicative list of the main equipments is given below:

  • Spectrum Analyzers up to 50GHz
  • 2- port Network Analyzers up to 67GHz
  • 4-port Vector Network Analyzer up to 24GHz
  • Printer with conductive ink for printing circuits
  • Noise Figure Analyzer up to 27GHz
  • Signal Generators up to 40GHz
  • Digital Communications Analyzer
  • Programmable pico-second Pulse Generator
  • Test fixtures up to 60GHz
  • Oscilloscope up to 10GHz
  • Climatic Chamber

Auxiliary equipment such as DC power suppliers, bias networks, attenuators, power dividers, circulators, directional couplers, calibration kits, transitions, terminations and cables.