Corporate Development

CTTC started already Technology Transfer activities ten years ago. The knowledge collected in R&D projects from public competitive funds as well as from the industries has provided quiet good experience and background in knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

CTTC like many organizations have done, after some years of experience, wants to adopt similar strategies and pursue to get value out the stock of knowledge, the foundations for the corporate development. CTTC foresees three basic pillars for development: Products & services, IPR portfolio, and companies, as for example CTTC-HK already created.

Products & services in a pre-industrial stage will be offered to the industry and investors for further development, out of primary research boundaries, acting research staff as a partner contracted from the spin out project or company.

IPR portfolio is available for sale or license under privileged conditions for any of Intellectual Property intermediaries (Non Practicing Entities (NPE), Defensive Patent Aggregators or IP transaction platforms) as well as for interested industries.

Startup Companies as well as technology based spinoff based either in inside entrepreneur activities or outside entrepreneur opportunities are analyzed case by case and decided on the best suitable solution to the market.