01 JUL

Course on Ground-Based SAR deformation monitoring: data analysis

01 July 2015 - 03 July 2015

CTTC is pleased to announce the 3-day course Ground-Based SAR deformation monitoring: data analysis organized by the Geomatics Division of the CTTC and sponsored by IDS ( The course will cover the relevant aspects of GBSAR data analysis to understand advantages and limitations of this new technique and correctly exploiting and interpreting its data. Lectures [...]

22 JUN

CTTC organizes the Summer School on Foundations and Advances in Stochastic Filtering (FASF 2015)

22 June 2015 - 26 June 2015

CTTC organizes toghether with the Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) the Summer School on Foundations and Advances in Stochastic Filtering (FASF2015) to be held in Castelldefels-Barcelona, from June 22 to June 26, 2015. This year the school is sponsored by EURASIP, IEEE Signal Processing Society, and Newcom# project. The school will offer graduate students and early-stage [...]

02 JUN

Weekly Seminar: “Mobile Data Offloading”

02 June 2015 - 02 June 2015
Speaker: Dr. Jianwei Huang

ABSTRACT: We are witnessing an unprecedented worldwide growth of mobile data traffic. However, traditional network expansion methods by acquiring more spectrum licenses, deploying new macrocells, and upgrading technologies are costly and time-consuming. Clearly, network operators must find novel methods to resolve the mismatch between demand and supply growth, and mobile data offloading appears as one [...]

27 MAY

New waveform designs and the application of FBMC/OQAM to MIMO

27 May 2015 - 27 May 2015

ABSTRACT: The objective of this presentation is to first describe the new waveform designs that are being considered as a potential substitutes of OFDM. The second part is devoted to justify why the filter bank multicarrier modulation based on OQAM (FBMC/OQAM) is identified as one of the most competitive contenders. Finally, the application of FBMC/OQAM [...]

18 MAY

Course on UAVs

18 May 2015 - 20 May 2015

CTTC is pleased to announce the 3-day course “UAVs: introducción y aplicaciones a la geoinformación y el patrimonio” organized by the Geomatics Division of the CTTC with the collaboration of the IGN ( and sponsored by Geotronics ( and GeoNumerics ( . The course will cover the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for geoinformation applications. [...]

11 MAY

CTTC hosts the Annual ns-3 Meeting

11 May 2015 - 15 May 2015

CTTC is hosting the Annual ns-3 Meeting on May 11-15, 2015. The objective of the meeting is to gather ns-3 users and developers, together with networking simulation practitioners and users, to discuss the ns-3 simulator and related activities. The annual ns-3 meeting 2015 comprises three events:  the ns-3 Training sessions on May 11-12, 2015  the [...]

Science Week 2011-1
06 MAY

Weekly Seminar: “Radar interferometry: a tool to monitor the dynamic behaviour of civil structures”

ABSTRACT: In the last decade, the monitoring of civil structures has been developed, largely,  thanks to the availability of novel instrumentation based on remote sensing electromagnetic techniques. Although optical devices (mainly Laser vibrometers) have been largely used, radar based techniques also assumed a key role, especially when, due to the large distances, optical observations can [...]

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