IP & Corporate Development

Intellectual Property & Corporate Development (IP & CD), encourages and promotes all affordable activities, starting from “CTTC Invention Innovation Declaration form” until they reach the final objective, provide the necessary return on investment, and thus closing the Technology Transfer economic loop, necessary for an R&D Organization like CTTC.

Either researcher´s invention/innovation declarations based on current or performed R&D activities are analysed according with the “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY @ CTTC” and then converted in “Innovations for the Industry” projects.

A proper IP protection is precisely analysed and decided on case-by-case basis. CTTC IPR ASSETS collects all CTTC IP protections requested, once they enter in the open public phases.

The “Innovations for the Industry” projects conducted to an Entrepreneurial activity under the framework considered in “CTTC® SPIN-OFFS REGULATION”, are continuously surveyed for the royalty returns, according with the established Technology Transfer agreements.