01 OCT

Weekly Seminars 2003 :: October – December

01 October 2003 - 22 December 2003

Topic Speaker Affiliation Date Toward All-IP Networks Xavier Pérez NEC December 22 2003 Throughput optimization for MIMO systems via cross-layer designs José López CTTC December 17 2003 Spatial diversity in broadband MC-CDMA mobile radio systems Stefan Kaiser, PhD DLR December 12 2003 Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) Carlos F. Bader, PhD CTTC December 3 2003 [...]

09 APR

Weekly Seminars 2003 :: April – September

09 April 2003 - 16 September 2003

Topic Speaker Affiliation Date Collaborative Transmission: Relays, Multi-user Spatial Diversity, and Distributed Space-time Coding Prof. Mos Kaveh   University of Minnesota   September 16 2003   "Structured MIMO Channels Offering a Tradeoff between QoS and Data Rate", "Highly Flexible Low-Power Ultra-Wideband Radio Testbed for Short-Range Data Transmission", "Multi-Dimensional Harmonic Estimation using the Rank Reduction Estimator [...]

22 JAN

Weekly Seminars 2003 :: January – March

22 January 2003 - 26 March 2003

Topic Speaker Affiliation Date Progress on EMPIRICO Abdelhafid Amrani, PhD CTTC March 26 2003 OFDM with pulse shaping and adaptive subcarrier allocation Stephan Pfletschinger, PhD CTTC March 19 2003 CTTC Activities on ANWIRE Project Carlos F. Bader, PhD CTTC March 12 2003 Progress on GIRAFA Ana Pérez, PhD  UPC/CTTC March 5 2003 Reconfigurable recievers on [...]

05 MAR

Weekly Seminars 2002

05 March 2002 - 31 December 2002

Topic Speaker Affiliation Channel characterization in indoor WPAN environments Antonio Mollfulleda CTTC GMPLS optical control plane for IP/Gigabit Ethernet over dynamic DWDM networks Raül Muñoz CTTC IST Laboratories Over Next Generation Networks (LONG) project Josep Mangues UPC Design of a fuzzy technique for robust beamforming in antenna arrays Ana Pérez, PhD  UPC-CTTC Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) [...]