5GMediaHUB logo (final)
27 JAN

CTTC coordinates the 5GMediaHUB a new project on 5G experimentation for third party services

The CENTRE TECNOLOGIC DE TELECOMUNICACIONS DE CATALUNYA (CTTC) coordinates a new Innovation Action EU-funded project 5GMediaHUB: 5G experimentation environment for 3rd party media services. The vision of 5GMediaHUB is to enable EU to achieve its goal of becoming a world leader in 5G, by accelerating the testing and validation of innovative 5G-empowered media applications and NetApps [...]

22 JAN

CTTC Coordinates a new Project on 6G: MARSAL Project

The CENTRE TECNOLOGIC DE TELECOMUNICACIONS DE CATALUNYA (CTTC) coordinates a new 6G Research and Innovation EU-funded project MARSAL: MACHINE LEARNING-BASED, NETWORKING AND COMPUTING INFRASTRUCTURE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OF 5G AND BEYOND INTELLIGENT NETWORKS MARSAL breaks the barriers of the traditional cellular networks paradigm by proposing breakthrough distributed processing cell-free massive MIMO architectures, which will be integrated [...]

22 JAN

Heimdall Project Final Demo

On Thursday, January, 21 2021 a practical exercise simulating a multi-risk emergency has been be carried out as closing Event of the European Project HEIMDALL to demonstrate the functionalities of the platform developed in the project’s framework. The platform aims to help the operatives to make efficient, well-informed and safe decisions. End users and consortium [...]

14 JAN

METRO-HAUL among top 10 most impactful 5G pilots

In September 2020, researchers from the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) successfully conducted the final demonstration of the METRO-HAUL project. The research project, with the CTTC as a partner, is now featured by the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (PPP) experts as one of the ten most impactful 5G pilots. In the newly published brochure [...]

13 JAN

Sea level rise scenarios along the mediterranean coasts “Delta del Ebro”

The Geomatics Division  is currently working on the European project SAVEMEDCOASTS-2, which is focuses at finding measures to protect the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​the worrying phenomenon of rising sea levels and the serious consequences this has for coastal lands and populations. To do this, the project consists of a first phase where [...]

08 JAN

Scavenge project and its training network experience

SCAVENGE aimed to create a training network for early-stage researchers (ESRs) who contributed to the design and implementation of eco-friendly and sustainable next-generation 5G networks and became leaders in the related scientific, technological, and industrial initiatives. To realise its vision, the project took a complete approach, encompassing the characterisation of intermittent and/or erratic energy sources, [...]

15 DEC

Virtual Weekly Seminar: “Digital Medicine towards Prediction of Viral Illnesses”

ABSTRACT: The availability of large longitudinal data opens new opportunities exploiting statistical learning and deep convolutional neural networks in healthcare. We will overview our large study with data collected from wireless devices from 200,000 individuals for 2 years. We will observe how sleep changes significantly among this large population and is related to age and [...]

04 DEC

CTTC participates in a pilot demonstration with 5G technology

Yesterday CTTC has participated in a pilot demonstration at Mercabarna, where 5G technology and advanced localization solutions have been successfully integrated to demonstrate their application to increase traffic safety in a highly challenging mobility scenario, such as the  city-like food market of Mercabarna, where a large number of industrial and transport vehicles co-exist with vulnerable [...]

17 NOV

CTTC elected as a Steering Board Member of the Networld2020 European Technology Platform

The newly elected Steering Board (SB) of Networld2020 European Technology Platform was announced in the General Assembly (GA) that was held on November 16, 2020. CTTC’s Director of R&D Programmes, Dr. Carles Antón-Haro, was elected as an SB member for the Research Domain. In the past, he was also a member of Networld2020′s Steering Board [...]