19 JUL

CTTC submits 7 international patents

One of the main objectives of the CTTC is to foment the technological innovation. After five years of Research and Development (R+D) activities, this objective has been achieved with the submission of different patents.

04 JUL

Weekly Seminars 2007 :: July – September

[25/09/2007] ZigBee, wireless sensor networks, technological start-up experienceWeekly Seminar by Joan Escudero from Sensing & Control Systems S.L.L [25/07/2007] Monlinear antenna arrays based on coupled oscillatorsCTTC Weekly Seminar by Apostolos Georgiadis  (Research Associate) [20/07/2007] Wireless Relay: From Multihop to Cooperative Diversity CTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. J. Nicholas Laneman, from University of Notre Dame [11/07/2007] IST Integrated [...]

21 MAY

3rd IEEE/Create-Net TRIDENTCOM conference

21 May 2007 - 23 May 2007
Place: Orlando, Florida (USA)

Telecommunication infrastructures play a vital role in modern society. The advancements in the range of network service offerings, their performance, quality of service, security, and ubiquity are relentless, despite global economy fluctuations. The demand for high bandwidth network infrastructures is continuously growing within both academic and industrial sectors. Grid computing is one of the many [...]

11 APR

Weekly Seminars 2007 :: April – June

11 April 2007 - 27 June 2007

[27/06/2007] DOA: A radiolocalization strategyCTTC Weekly Seminar by Pepe Rubio (Research Engineer) / Joan Bas (Research Associate (post-doc) [21/06/2007] Convergencia: del concepto a la realidad/Servicios multimedia en entorno convergenteCTTC Weekly Seminar by Sandra García/Zulima Saenz, Innovation FT R&D Spain France Telecom España [20/06/2007] Towards an Optimisation of Wireless Ambient and Body Sensor Networks for Medical [...]

08 JAN

Weekly Seminars 2007 :: January – March

08 January 2007 - 21 March 2007

[21/03/2007] WiMAX Base for General Audio & Visual Applications-Wi4GOALCTTC Weekly Seminar by Carlos (Faouzi) Bader/Research Associate and David Pubill/Contractor Research Engineer at CTTC [14/03/2007] Progress in the EU-Project WINNER IICTTC Weekly Seminar by Stephan Pfletschinger, Research Associate at CTTC [06/03/2007] Ultra Wideband systems: Information theoretic considerationsCTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. Aawatif Menouni, Mobile Comm. Dept. [...]

18 OCT

Cooperative communications and distributed antenna arrays

Place: CTTC Auditorium, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain

Cooperative communications systems improve the capacity of wireless communications by allowing cooperation between nodes at the physical layer level. It is possible to use cooperation to implement distributed antenna arrays, which allow the utilization of multiple antenna techniques that can provide the benefits of multiple antennas to single antenna terminals The objective of this course [...]