Christos Verikoukis

Christos Verikoukis

Head of Department, Fellow Researcher

Division: Communication Technologies
Category: Research

Christos Verikoukis  got his PhD from the Signal Theory and Communications Department of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, in 2000, in the area of Broadband Indoor Wireless Communications. Since February 2004 he is senior research associate in the CTTC. Dr Verikoukis has participated or is currently participating in several European (ACTS, IST FP5 & FP6, Marie-Curie, eTEN and INTERREG) and National (in Spain and in Greece) funded projects. He is an IEEE Senior Member.His research interests include ARQ schemes, MAC protocols, RRM algorithms, cross-layer techniques and cooperative communications in wireless communications systems such as WLAN, WiMax and Wireless Sensor Networks.



Master Theses Supervision:

  • E.Deza “Medium Access Control Protocols for Vehicual systems” May 2007.
  • A.Cateura “Access Point Association Algorithms based on Cross-Layer for DQCA based cellular systems”, May 2007.
  • Daniel Santos, “On the design of a GUI tool for the optimization of indoor wireless communication systems”. October 2006.
  • I. Ramos, Optimization of ad-hoc networks using Cross-Layer concepts. March 12 2006.
  • J.Riera, Performance evaluation of Directional Antenna-assisted MAC protocol in the presence of multiple transceivers. March 12 2006.
  • X.Milan, Study and evaluation of ad-hoc networks for automovile applications. February 2006.
  • X. Jover, Analysis and simulation of a multibeam satellite network with cross-layer techniques. October 2005.
  • D. Lucas, Study and simulation of ad-hoc networks for automovile applications. September 2005.
  • D. Luengo, Radio Resource Management Techniques based on Cross-Layer for WLAN systems. September 2005.
  • V. Valls, A MAC protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks using directional antennas. September 2005.
  • R. Cussó, Graphic-tool for indoor wireless system planning (II).  July 2005.
  • M. A. Tarrasón and O. Alarcón, Medium Access Control Protocol with smart antennas. July 2005
  • L. Robles Campillo and M. Moya Román, Cross Layer issues for Ad-hoc networks.  July 2005.
  • A. Cateura, Radio Resource Management Techniques to Improve the Efficiency of WLAN Systems. January 2005.
  • A. Causi Giménez, Graphic-tool for indoor wireless system planning. June 2004.
J. Bastos, V. Monteiro, J. Rodriguez, R. Aguero, D. Gomez, Y. Fernández, M. Peña, F. Bader, , J. Herrero, B. Cendón, M. Raspopoulos, S. Stavrou, M. Cabañas, J. Sainz and M. R. Santos, Mobility Concepts for IMT-Advanced , in Proceedings of 6th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference (MOBIMEDIA 2010), 6-8 September 2010, Lisbon (Portugal).