Christos Verikoukis

Christos Verikoukis

Research Director (R4), Division Manager, Head of Department

Division: Communication Technologies
Category: Research

Christos Verikoukis  got his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2000. He is currently a Fellow Researcher at CTTC (Head of the SMARTECH department) and an adjunct professor at Barcelona University (Electronics Department) (2008-present).

Dr. Christos h-index is 39 and his publications achieved a total of 6200 citations. He has published 134 journal papers and over 200 conference papers. He is also the co-author of 3 books, 20 chapters of different books and of 3 patents. Since 2004, he has supervised 25 Ph.D. students (18 PhD graduations) and 5 Post Docs researchers.

He is the Project Coordinator of the 5GPP-Phase III MonB5G and the ITN-SEMANTIC projects, the Technical Manager of the ITN-5G-STEPFWD, the Principal Investigator of the Spot5G national project and a Consolidated Research Group funded by the Regional Government.  He is serving as the Principal Investigator at CTTC of the following EC-funded projects, 5G-Solutions, SEMIOTICS, CONNECT, Progressus, 5G-ROUTES, DARLENE and PANDORA. He participated in more than 40 EC-funded projects.He served as the technical manager of the ITN-GREENET, the CELTIC-GREEN-T and LOOP projects.

He received the best paper award of the Communication QoS, Reliability & Modelling Symposium (CQRM) symposium in the IEEE ICC 201, ICC 2014 & ICC2020, of the Selected Areas in Communications Symposium in the IEEE GLOBECOM 2015, of the EUCNC 2016 conference, the EURASIP 2013 Best Paper Award for the Journal on Advances in Signal Processing and the Best Demo Award in IEEE CAMAD2018 and the 1st prize in the IEEE ComSoc Student Competition (as a Mentor) 2015.

He has delivered 14 tutorials in prestigious conferences such as IEEE ICC, IEEE Globecom and IEEE WCNC and more than 30 invited talks.

He is currently serving as the Founded Associate Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Networking Letters and as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, of the IEEE Networks Magazine and of the IEEE Transactions of Green Communications and Networking. He has also appointed as Steering Committe member of the  IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing (TSUSC) (2017-present). Moreover, he has served as a Guest Editor in 14 special issues in prestigious Journals and Magazines (IEEE Communications Magazine (e.g. IEEE Networks Magazine, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Access, IEEE Tran on Industrial Inforamtics etc..).

He has been appointed to serve as the TPC Co-Chair of the IEEE Globecom 2022 in Rio de Janeiro and he is serving as the Symposium Co-Chair of the CQRM Symposium for the ICC2021 in Canada. He was the general Co-Chair of the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and the 22nd IEEE Workshop on Computer-Aided Modelling, Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD), the TPC Co-Chair of the 15th IEEE International Conference on eHealth Networking, Application & Services (Healthcom 2013), the 7th IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications (Latincom 2014) and the 24th IEEE  International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2017). He was also served as the symposium co-chair of the CQRM symposium in the IEEE ICC 2015, 2016 & 2018 and in the IEEE Globecom 2017 as well as of the eHealth Symposium in IEEE Globecom 2015.

He is the IEEE ComSoc EMEA Director (2020-2021), a Board of Governors member for the IEEE ComSoc (2020-2021) and a member of the IEEE ComSoc Member Service Board (2020-2021). He is also service as a member-at-large of the GLOBECOM/ICC Technical Content (GITC) Standing Committee (2019-2020). He was an officer (Secretary 2013-2014, Vice-Chair 2014-2015 and Chair 2015-2018) of the IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Communication Systems Integration and Modelling (CSIM). He was also the Vice-Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Technical Committees Board (2018-2020).

Dr. Verikoukis has served as independent expert acting as an evaluator in different research funding agencies EC (FP7 and H2020), ARTEMIS JU, EURIPIDES, ERA.Net, Spain (ANEP, and AGAUR), Qatar (QNRF), Swiss (SNSF), Hellenic States Scholarship foundations, Academy of Finland, Hellenic Ministry for Education, KAUST University, United Arab Emirates University, EDGE program. He has also served as an expert of the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency for Greek Universities.



PhD Students
  • B. Ojaghi Kahjogh "Dynamic Slicing in 5G Networks" @UPC
  • S. Sánchez Correa "Machine Learning for 5G Networks" @UPC
  • Asmaa Badr "Data Driven for Dynamic Slicing in 5G Networks" @UPC
  • M. Mosahebard "Optical Wireless Converge Optimisation for 5G Networks" @UPC
  • M. Maule "Implementation dynamic slicing for 5G Networks" @UPC
  • M. Daglitsis "Optical Wireless Converge Optimisation for 5G Networks" @UPC
Gradauted PhD Students
  • J. Bastos "Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management for Heterogeneous Networks", 17/12/2019 @UB
  • G.Tseliou “Network virtualization in next generation cellular networks”, 17/7/2019, @UPC
  • P. Trakas “Traffic Offloading in Future,Heterogeneous Mobile Networks”, 31/5/2019, @UPC
  • M.Oikonomakou “ Energy and cost management in shared heterogeneous network deployments” 10/4/2019, @UPC
  • I.Zenginis “Optimal sizing and operation planning of microgrids and operation analysis of charging stations for electric vehicles, 20/12/2018 @UPC.
  • E. Datsika “Radio resource management techniques for QoS provision in 5G networks” 26/11/2018 @UPC
  • P.-V. Mekikis, "Design and Stochastic Analysis of Emerging Large-Scale Wireless-Powered Sensor Networks", 13/11/2017 @UPC. PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2019 awarded by UPC
  • G. Kalfas, “Medium -Transparent MAC protocols for converged optical wireless networks” 12/05/2017 @UPC
  • V. Miliotis “Energy Efficient Offloading Techniques for Heterogeneous Networks” 11/3/2016 @UPC
  • A. Boussia “Design of Energy Efficient Network Planning Schemes for LTE-based Cellular Networks” 18/1/2016 @UPC. PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2018 awarded by UPC
  • A. Mesodiakaki “Exploiting Cognition for Energy and Spectrum Efficient Wireless Networks” 09/11/2015 @UPC. PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2018 awarded by UPC
  • C. Ntontin “Exploiting SpatialModulation and Analog Network Coding for the Design of Energy-EfficientWireless Networks” 03/11/2015 @UPC
  • K. Niotaki “Design of Efficient Microwave Power Amplifier Systems”, 15/12/2014, @UPC
  • D. Xenakis, “Localization and Mobility Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with Network-Assistance”, 31/7/2014, @ University of Athens
  • E. Ibarra, “Energy Harvesting-Aware Resource Management for Wireless Body Area Networks, 21/5/2014, @ Universidad de Barcelona
  • A.Antonopoulos, “Network Coding-aided MAC Protocols for CooperativeWireless Networks” @UPC, PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2015 awarded by UPC
  • E.Karsakli “Cross-Layer design and optimization of Medium Access Control protocols for Wireless Local Access Networks”, 16/02/2012 @UPC.
  • B.Otal “Optimization of Wireless Ambient and Body Sensor Networks for Medical Applications”, 13/05/2010, @UPC.
  •  J. Alonso “Design and Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocols for Ad Hoc and Cooperative Wireless Networks”, 25/02/2009. PREMI EXTRAORDINARI DE DOCTORAT 2011 awarded by UPC
  • Mobile Edge Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing: Addressing Heterogeneity and Energy Issues of Compute and Network Resources, IEEE Access, Guest Editor, 2019.
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Participation in PhD Committees
  • Bidushi Barua, “Incentivizing user participation in cooperative content delivery for wireless networks” Information Technology and Electrical Engineering School at the University of Oulu, Opponent, 15/5/2018.
  • Abdullah Miran Taha “Smart Client-Server Protocol and Architecture for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming”, Technical University of Valencia, 27/4/2018
  • Nikolaos Sapountzis, "Network Layer Optimization for Next Generation Heterogeneous Networks", Eurecom Institut, 14/12/2016
  • George Koudouris, “Radio Resource Allocation and Utilization in Multiple Radio Access Networks”, KTH, 25/4/2016.
  • Senka Hadzic, “Cooperative Positioning for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems”, Univ. of Aveiro, 27/2/2014.
  • Israel Guío, “Radio Resource Management for OFDMA based cellular systems for QoS and Interference Management provision”, Univ. of Zaragoza University, 16/10/2013
  • Panayiotis Kolios “Mechanical relaying in wireless cellular networks, King´s College, 10/11/2011
  • Juan Chóliz, “Design and optimization of positioning techniques for UWB systems and integration with mobile networks, Univ. of Zaragoza University, 7/7/2011
  • Julián David Morillo Pozo, “Improving Wireless Networks with Cooperative ARQ Protocols”, Technical University of Catalonia, 14/07/2009.
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