Jesus Alonso-Zarate

Jesus Alonso-Zarate

Division Manager, Senior Researcher, Head of Department

Division: Communication Technologies
Category: Research
Phone: +34 93 645 29 00     Ext: 2134
Fax: +34 93 645 29 01

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1) MBA, Master of Business Administration (July 2016)
2) PhD in Wireless Communications (February 2009)
3) Space Studies Program – International Space University (2006)
4) MSc. Telecom Engineer (March 2004)


Recipient of the Young Researcher Award 2019 (Premio Agustín de Betancourt y Molina) by the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (Real Academia de Ingeniería) for my contributions to the field of telecom engineering during the last 15 years of my professional career with particular innovation potential.


1) 2014: INFOCOM Best Demo Runner-up Award, for the demo by P. Tuset-Peiró, F. Vazquez-Gallego, J. Alonso-Zarate, L. Alonso, X. Vilajosana, entitled “Demonstrating Low-Power Distributed Queuing for Active RFID Communications at 433 MHz,” presented at INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada, May 2014.
2) 2013: EURASIP 2013 Best Paper Award for the Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, for the paper by J. Alonso-Zarate, E. Kartsakli, Ch. Verikoukis, L. Alonso, entitled “Persistent RCSMA: A MAC protocol for a distributed cooperative ARQ scheme in wireless networks” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Volume 2008. doi:10.1155/2008/817401. (
3) 2011: UPC: Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat 2008/2009 FIELD: Information and Communication Technologies. UPC Best Doctoral Thesis in Information and Communications Technologies. Promotion: 2008/2009.
4) 2011: BEST PAPER AWARD IEEE ICC 2011: J. Alonso-Zárate, E. Stavrou, A. Stamou, P. Angelidis, L. Alonso, and Ch. Verikoukis, “Energy-Efficiency Evaluation of a Medium Access Control Protocol for Cooperative ARQ,” in proc. of the IEEE ICC 2011, Kyoto, Japan.
5) 2005: ALCATEL Prize to the Best Master Thesis Dissertation of 2004 in Mobility and Multimedia in Telecommunications, given by the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros and the Spanish Telecommunication Engineers Association (COIT/AEIT, Spain).
6) 1998: Honor Distinction – COU (Pre-University Course). IES Les Marines, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.


1) Since November 2019, I am acting as Chairman of the Automotive Working Group of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP).
2) 2015-2017 Editor-in-Chief of the EAI – European Alliance for Innovation – Endorsed Transactions on the Internet of Things.
3) 7 Editorial Appointments (Guest Editor or Associated Editor) in various scientific and technical journals and publications.
4) Member of the External Advisory Board of 5G-CARMEN Project (H2020-5GPPP). 5G Technologies for Cooperative and Automated Driving.
5) Member of the External Advisory Board of 5G-MOBIX Project (H2020-5GPPP). 5G Technologies for Cooperative and Automated Driving.
6) Member of the External Advisory Board of CARAMEL Project (H2020). Artificial Intelligence-based Cybersecurity for Connected and Automated Vehicles.


1) TPC Member of more than 60 international conferences (the majority sponsored by the IEEE)
Contribution to the organization of international technical conferences with various chair positions in 10 international conferences/events.


1) AQU-Advanced Research Accreditation – Catedràtic (Full-Professor), since 2018.
2) IEEE Senior Member since 2013.


1) Communication Technologies Division Manager at the CTTC in Barcelona, since 2016.
2) Head of the Machine-to-Machine Communications Department at the CTTC. We started back in 2013 with 3 staff members. Since then, the department has grown up to 5 staff members plus 5 temporary researchers, building a research team of 10 people. The department has fulfilled all institutional objectives since its conception.
3) Senior Researcher.


1) Since 2020, I am contributing to the definition of the SNS (Smart Networks and Services) European Partnership for Horizon Europe program.
2) Since 2020, I am contributing to the definition of the CCAM (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility) European Partnership for Horizon Europe program.
3) Since 2019, I am contributing to definition of the 5G Strategic Deployment Agenda promoted by the EC, which will contribute to the definition of CEF-2 Digital program.
4) Since 2014, I have contributed to the definition of the different Work Programmes of H2020. I have done this as an individual researcher, but also as member of the internal European Proposals task force at CTTC.
5) Since 2013, I have contributed to the definition of the Strategic and Functional Plan of CTTC as part of my duties as Head of Department.


I have attracted more than 3.5 Million Euro to CTTC in the last 10 years through competitive public funds and through a number of various projects. A selection of the most recent and relevant attracted funds is shown here:

1) 2020-2023: Project 5GMED. Call H2020-5G-PPP Phase 3 Project). Total project budget: 15 million Euro. Total CTTC Budget: 395.000 euro. Divisions participating: CTD and CND.
2) 2020-2023: Project FEMIOT. Call: Catalan Direcció General de Recerca (DGR) – Agrupacions Tecnològiques Emergents.  Total project budget: 4 Million Euro, Total CTTC Budget: 318.000 euro). Divisions participating: CTD, CND, CSD.
3) 2020-2022: Project FIREMAN. Call: CHIST-ERA European Call. Total project budget: 1 Million Euro. Total CTTC Budget: 120.000 euro. Divisions participating: CTD.
4) 2018-2021: Project: 5GCroCo. Call: H2020-5G-PPP Phase 3. Total Project Budget: 17 Million Euro. Total CTTC Budget 1 Million Euro. Divisions participating: CTD and CND.
5) 2017-2019: Project: 5GCAR. Call: H2020-5G-PPP Phase 2. Total Project Budget: 8 Million Euro. Total CTTC Budget: 350.000 euro. Divisions participating: CTD and CND.
6) 2018-2020: Project SPOT5G – Plan Nacional de I+D. Total CTTC Budget 182.710 euro.
7) 2014-2017: Project ADVANTAGE. Call: FP7 Marie Curie ITN. Total project budget: 3,5 Million Euro. Total CTTC Budget: 750.000 euro. Divisions participating: CTD and CSD.
8) 2016-2018: Sub-project Work Item on IoT for Satellites within the Network of Excellence SATNEX IV with the European Space Agency (ESA)–. Total Project Budget: 50.000 euro.
9) 2015-2017: Project CELLFIVE – Plan Nacional de I+D. Total CTTC Budget: 181.000 euro.
10) 2011-2013: Project CO2GREEN – Plan Nacional de I+D. Total CTTC Budget 117.500 euro.


Since 2005, I have participated in 30 competitive R&D projects.

I am the Project coordinator (IP) of a European-funded H2020 collaborative innovation action with a total budget of 17 Million Euro (H2020-5GPPP-5GCroCo), gathering 24 partners from 7 countries. This project runs since November 2018 to October 2021, and will conduct 5G trials for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility in European 5G Cross-Border Corridors.

I am and have been the Project coordinator (IP) of 3 national-funded projects (Plan Nacional I+D+I – CICYT):

1) SPOT5G (2018-2020), Co-IP. Topic: Wireless IoT Communications in 5G.
2) CELLFIVE (2014-2016), Co-IP. Topic: Optimization of IoT Technologies for 5G.
3) CO2GREEN (2010-2012), IP. Topic: Energy-Efficient IoT Communications through Cooperative Networks.

In 2017, I was Principal Investigator (IP) of a Technology Transfer project devoted to conducting a feasibility study for the implementation of an IoT device using satellite-based communications (MBI-ESA project). This emerged as a spin-off of a previous research project executed for the European Space Agency (ESA).

I am and have been the Internal Project leader at CTTC of the following R&D projects:

1) H2020-5GPPP-5GMED. H2020-5GPPP-Phase3. Innovation Action. Total Project budget: 17M€, Total Budget at CTTC: 395.000 euro. 2020-2023.
2) 1 Catalan-funded Project – Agrupació Tecnològica Emergent FEMIOT. Total Project Budget: 8 Million euro. 2020-2023.
3) CHIST-ERA FIREMAN, Total Budget: 1,2 Million Euro. Total Budget at CTTC: 120.000 Euro. 2019-2022.
4) H2020-5GPPP-5GCAR, H2020-5GPPP-Phase2, Research and Innovation Action, Total Budget: 8M€, Total Budget at CTTC: 350.000 euro. 2017-2019.
5) 1 Sub-Project with the European Space Agency (ESA) – SATNEX IV – Work Item 3. 2016-2017. Total budget: 50.000 euro.
6) FP7-ITN-ADVANTAGE, Marie Curie Action – Initial Training Network. Total project budget: 3,5M€. Total Budget at CTTC: 750.000 Euro. 2014-2017.
7) FP7-FET-Flagship Guardian Angels for a Smarter Planet. FET – Future Emerging Technologies – Flagship. 2011-2012.
8) 2 Technical Due Diligences about IoT-related start-ups.

I have participated as researcher in the following R&D Projects:

1) H2020-P2P-Smartest. H2020 Project (Innovation Action). 2015-2017. Total Budget: 3,5M€, Budget at CTTC: 335.000 Euro.
2) “EXALTED: Extending LTE for Devices”, FP7, 2010-2013.
3) Various SGR since 2005 (Consolidated Research Group).
4) Network of Excellent in Wireless Communications: NEWCOM# (2012-2015), FP7.
5) Network of Excellent in Wireless Communications: NEWCOM++ (2008-2010), FP7.
6) Network of Excellent in Wireless Communications: NEWCOM (2004-2007).
7) R2D2 (Road to Media-Aware Dependant Self-Adaptive Networks). CELTIC-EUREKA. 2008-2010.
8) Coexistence and Optimization of LTE RAN and WAN: LOOP. EUREKA-CELTIC. 2007-2009.
9) Cooperative and Cross-Layer Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks (PERSEO). Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología – CICYT. 2006-2009.
10) Wireless Systems providing high quality services (WISQUAS). EUREKA-CELTIC, 2005-2007.


I have 3 filed patents as co-inventor. They have been part of the result of the different technology transfer projects to which I have contributed.

Since 2009, I have participated in the following technology transfer projects with industry:

1) 2018 – METROLINK: Design of Intelligent Railway Systems.
2) 2017 – MBI-ESA: Compact Terminal for M2M Service Demonstration – Feasibilty Study (Project Leader)
3) 2017 – TAGACAW: IoT for livestock monitoring.
4) 2016 – MOTEC: Industry 4.0; remote PLC management.
5) 2015 – M2M Cloud Factory (now NEXIONA CONNECTOCRATS): Technical Due Dilligence for investment round. (Project Leader)
6) 2013 – HIGHGROWTH: Technical Due Dilligence for investment round. (Project Leader)
7) 2010 – OONAIR: Technical Due Dilligence for investment round.
8) 2016 – DESATCOM – GTD (Satellite). Study of the Feasibility of Advanced Regenerative Payload for Communications Satellites.


The most updated and complete list of publications can be found at: The list includes:

45 Peer-reviewed Journal Papers listed in the JCR (the great majority in Q1).
103 Papers in International Conferences (the great majority sponsored by IEEE).

Google Scholar Citation Information as of October 2020:

- 6th most cited staff member of CTTC.
- Total Citations> 3,000.
- H-Index: 24.
- i10-Index: 65.

1 Authored Book on the topic of Contention Based Communication Technologies.
13 Book Chapters in the topic of Wireless Communications. 1 Book under preparation on the topic of 5G for Cars.
4 White papers with European Industry. 2 more being completed now within the context of the 5G-PPP and that will be published by the end of 2020.
3 Patents filed as co-author; all 3 being used in the market.
6 mass media publications and appearances.
Supervised 4 Completed PhD Theses.
Currently, supervising 2 PhD Students.
Supervised 4 Visiting Post-Docs at CTTC.
Supervised 27 Master and Bachelor Students.

Detailed information can be found at:


Since 2009, I have delivered more than 60 keynote speeches, invited talks, panels, and tutorials in international conferences. Complete list of events can be found at:


Member of the Evaluation Committee of 7 PhD Theses and various MSc Dissertations.
Expert Reviewer for the European Commission.
Expert Reviewer for the Spanish National Research System (ANEP and MINECO).



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