Natale Patriciello

Natale Patriciello


Division: Communication Networks
Category: Research
Phone: +34 93 645 29 00
Fax: +34 93 645 29 01

Natale Patriciello received his M.S. with honours from the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2013, and his PhD in ICT from UNIMORE (Italy) in 2017. From 2015 until 2017, he was involved in the EU FP7 Projects “PPDR-TC”. Before joining the Mobile Networks Department in October 2018 as a post-doc researcher, he was a Scientific Software Developer at Aimsun S.L., Barcelona.



His research activity is included in the Mobile Network department line of 5G development and investigation. In particular, he is leading research and development activities around the evolution of LENA (LTE-EPC Network Simulator) developed by CTTC, an international reference for the simulation and emulation of LTE networks. The software is called “5G-LENA” and is used at the core of his research activities and his external collaborations. His research interests are in the area of computer networking and theoretical computer science, and his main publication categories are Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. During these years, he focused on the latencies of the 5G-NR protocol stack, demonstrating the capacity of identifying problems and proposing a technical solution for them, publishing papers in prestigious international conferences and journals.


Research Projects

During his career, he participated in the following international research projects:


(i) 5G-NR design in mmWave bands, in partnership with InterDigital, Inc., in which he has led the development work packages related to MAC, and followed the analysis of the results. Research results of this collaboration include, but are not limited to, an in-depth analysis of the 5G-networks latencies.


(ii) 5G-NR design in unlicensed bands, in partnership with InterDigital, Inc., in which he continued to lead the development work packages. The main objective was to study the coexistence between NR-U (NR for unlicensed) and WiGig (IEEE 802.11ad) in the unlicensed spectrum.


(iii) Integrate 5G-NR in a scalable (parallel, optimistic, dynamic load balancing) discrete event simulator capable of analyzing mutual interference between current and near-future LTE/New Radio cell phone systems and USA Department of Defense assets. The project is in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (USA) and Pathfinder Wireless. He is the leader to the work packages related to the implementation of FDD/TDD access in LTE bands, as well as the PHY control modelling (messages and space/time requirements).



He is a regular author of peer-reviewed journal papers and internal conference proceedings in the field of networking. Outside his primary research project duties, he maintains contacts with the University of Roma Tor Vergata and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, that lead to multiple joint publications. The list of publications is available on the “Publication” section of this page, as well as his Google Scholar page or his Scopus author page.


He won the best paper award for the paper TCP Wave estimation of the optimal operating point using ACK trains, in Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (IEEE ISNCC 2018), and Implementation of A Spatial Channel Model for ns-3 , in Proceedings of WNS3 2020.


Project Proposals

He has been active in the definition of project proposals, with direct communications as CTTC representative with important companies.

Student supervision

He served two times as Google Summer of Code mentor for the ns-3 project and was responsible for a 6-month PhD instance at CTTC for a PhD student from University of Napoli Federico II.


Short bio

He is active in the development of ns-3 (an open-source network simulator). Currently, he is the head of the TCP development. His other tasks include work in ns-3 LTE and NR module as architect and developer, and he is presently responsible for the git infrastructure for both projects. He also closely follows the Linux kernel networking stack evolution, with an emphasis on the TCP module. He implemented as Linux module a visionary TCP congestion avoidance algorithm, called TCP Wave.




ns-3 TCP maintainer Supervise and maintain ~6000 lines of code for the TCP transport protocol modelling in the ns-3 network simulator. Community interaction, students leading, proposal evaluation, bug fixing are some of the tasks that a maintainer is required to do.   ns-3 git infrastructure maintainer Setup, manage, check the infrastructure on for the open-source project ns-3. The tasks include, but are not limited to, permission management, Continuous Integration of tests and features, communications with the developer teams about detected issues.   5G-LENA architect and developer Design the MAC features needed for the WP execution, as well as collaborating with other developers in the technical execution of tasks defined by CTTC research contracts.