100GET.es - 100Gbit/s Carrier-Grade Ethernet Transport Technologies

Start: 01 September 2008
End: 31 March 2011
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks
Department: Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)
Code: Project Contract/Code: TSI-020400-2008-170

The main aim of the EUREKA CELTIC 100GET.es will be to validate the end-to-end 100GbE Carrier Ethernet transport both from an architectural and an experimental perspectivre. Three main goals can be derived:

1. From an theoretical perspective: requirement definition, 100G transmission simulation and techno-economic validation of 100Gb Ethernet Transport architecture, including solutions for Packet Transport.

2. From a data plane perspective: design of key optical components for a coherent photodetector, characterization of optical transceivers, development of a electronically fed 10-100GbE aggregation node and experimental validation of end-to-end 100GbE transmission.

3. From a control plane perspective: development of multi-layer and multi-domain control plane solutions, development of a control plane entity for efficiently controlling an access/aggregation node, and experimental validation of the control plane functionalities to manage an integrated Carrier Ethernet over Optical transport infrastructures.

  • Telefónica I+D
  • Telnet Redes Inteligentes
  • CTTC
  • Universidad de Málaga
  • Universidad de Zaragoza