EMPIRICO - Advanced WPAN and WLAN interconnected through a dynamic, all-optical OTN

Start: 01 June 2002
End: 31 December 2003
Funding: Catalan
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems
Department: Advanced Signal and Information Processing (ASIP)

EMPIRICO is a R&D project in the fields of wireless and optical communications, whose goal is to design and implement a metropolitan optical ring with DWDM technology and a GMPLS control plane to allow real-time dynamic configuration of optical channels between multiple clients (ASON). Among different possibilities of client networks, wireless local area (WLAN) and wireless personal area (WPAN) networks are to be implemented.

As for technological and functional innovations, we find the implementation of an optical network without existing standard protocols, and without SONET/SDH layer, being able to configure optical channels dynamically and real-time between multiple clients (IP, ATM, TDM…) for huge traffic volumes and multiple data types (voice, video, high-speed data, interactive multimedia, etc) at reasonable costs and managing increasing bandwidths. On the other hand, the optical ring is to be interconnected to WLANs, applying multichannel techniques to WPAN and WLAN access networks to improve their functionalities in terms of capacity, coverage and resistance to interferences. EMPIRICO’s methodology encompasses the construction of a multisensor WPAN probe and more detailed knowledge of indoor propagation conditions, the construction of an optical network, the internetworking of wireless and optical networks, Matlab/Co-centric/Opnet simulations and analytical developments.