COST ASSIST IC0603 - Antenna Systems and Sensors for Information Society Technologies

Start: 01 July 2007
End: 01 July 2010
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Technologies
Antennas are a key constituent of all terrestrial, airborne and space based wireless multimedia, communications and sensor systems. Antenna functions are fast evolving, driven by the demanding needs of the Information Society Technologies. Traditional antenna areas still demand research and innovation efforts. But also, new unforeseen and challenging problems are appearing. Antennas and electromagnetic sensors are also becoming a major system component in areas such as Consumer Electronics, Health Care, Biology, Radio Astronomy, Earth Sciences, and Earth Resources Monitoring. The on-going convergence of terrestrial and satellite-based mobile systems operating with small, low-cost user terminals and the continuing quest for wider frequency bands set other challenges.Cooperation towards a deeper understanding of antenna operation in these new complex environments and for the corresponding development of adequate modelling and measuring tools are the main scientific objectives of this Action. These trans-disciplinary oriented goals will benefit both antenna specialists and researchers working on the above mentioned domains. Additional benefits include university-industry collaborations, mobility of young researchers and support of Pan-European initiatives (European Conference and European School of Antennas).