BeMImoMAX - Baseband MIMO-OFDM mobile WiMAX transceiver

Start: 11 October 2011
End: 30 December 2013
Funding: Industry
Status: Due
Division: Communication Technologies
Department: Physical-layer Implementation of High Performance Communication Systems (PHYCOM)
BeMImoMAX is a FPGA-ready HDL reference designdeveloped at CTTC, which showcases a real-time PHY-layer implementation of the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard (mobile WiMAX). BeMImoMAX combines a 2×2 MIMO scheme and a wide bandwidth of 20MHz to enable a high performance operation at baseband. Other antenna schemes are also offered as optional add-ons (i.e., SISO and 1×2 SIMO).
The PHY-layer was first modeled in MATLAB using a subset of the flexible WiMAX-OFDM specifications. Each of the processing blocks comprising the MATLAB model of the receiver and transmitter were then mapped to custom VHDL code and co-simulations were carried out to verify functional correctness. The RTL code of BeMImoMAX -Release 1- was eventually prototyped using the VHS-DAC, VHS-ADC, DRC-V4 & SMQUADV4 boards of Nutaq and validated using the full set-up of the GEDOMIS® testbed. BeMImoMAX is currently being modified -Release 1.1- to target the Nutaq Perseus 601X and Radio 420X boards.


  • 20 MHz channel bandwidth
  • Programmable modulation: QPSK, [16,64,256]QAM
  • Maximum un-coded peak data rate: 117.67 Mbits/s
  • Maximum spectral efficiency: 5.8835 bits/s/Hz
  • BeMImoMAX surpasses current WiMAX performance requirements
  • Matlab bit-true & cycle-true accuracy models
  • VHDL implementation with high fixed point precision & negligible losses
  • Real-time FPGA-based operation
  • Accounts interoperability dependencies (baseband, RF & channel)
  • Estimates and compensates signal impairments
  • Mobility validation: using channel emulator, using antenna transmission
  • WiMAX standard compliance testing with Agilent’s VSA
  • Complete source code documentation
Download the BeMImoMAX brochure to get an insight to more detailed technical specifications and an overview of its architecture and operation.


The next version of BeMImoMAX -Release 2.0- is planned for the first semester of 2013. This will provide a sophisticated reference design based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard, which will feature a real-time a closed-loop multi-antenna system with adaptive subcarrier allocation, adaptive modulation, feedback generation and feedback processing.


As of February 27, 2012 BeMImoMAX is available to purchase from:

1. Nutaq

  • FPGA-ready HDL-based IP & bit-true Matlab model: Order BeMImoMAX here
  • Contact email: sales (at) nutaq (dot) com


  • Stand-alone HDL-based IP (black box) & bit-true Matlab model
  • Contact email: bemimomax (at) cttc (dot) es
The commercialization of BeMImoMAX has been supported by the Autonomic Catalan Government under the grant 2010 VALOR 198 (AGAUR, ACC1Ó).
  • CTTC (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya)
  • Nutaq