PERSEO - Cooperative and cross layer techniques for wireless sensor networks

perseo mec
Start: 01 October 2006
End: 01 October 2009
Funding: National
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems, Communication Technologies
Department: Array and Multi-Sensor Processing (A&MSP), Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), Smart Energy Efficient Communication Technologies (SMARTECH)
Code: Project contract/code: TEC2006-1 0459/TCM

The PERSEO aims to contribute to technical innovation by exploiting the potential of cooperative transmission and cross-layer techniques for wireless sensor networks. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Definition of a network stack architecture able to accommodate a rich variety of sensor devices and applications.
  • Analysis of possible Cross-Layer techniques that can be used in order to enhance the efficiency of wireless sensor networks.
  • In-depth study of the potential benefits that can be obtained from using these techniques in different environments.
  • Analysis of the trade-off between signalling overhead and enhanced performance in cross-layer approaches.
  • Study of energy saving techniques based on cooperative diversity.
  • Study of virtual MIMO (multiple input – multiple output) channels using individual SISO antennas of the sensor devices.
  • Development of advanced, decentralized, self-organised MAC protocols that guarantee certain QoS for different scenarios.
  • A demonstrator with standard wireless sensor devices will be implemented to assess the proposed algorithms in a real scenario.
  • Dissemination of the project results contributing to technical journals and conferences in the course of the project lifetime.
  • CTTC, Coord.