COOPCOM - Cooperative and Opportunistic Communications in Wireless Networks

Start: 01 October 2006
End: 31 October 2009
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems, Communication Technologies
Department: Advanced Signal and Information Processing (ASIP), Physical-layer Implementation of High Performance Communication Systems (PHYCOM)
Code: Project contract/code: IST 033533

Cooperation and opportunism are two concepts that have recently revolutionized the design of wireless systems. Successful incorporation of these concepts in wireless system standards requires the solution of difficult theoretical and practical problems.The main objectives of the project are:

  • To explore performance limits of cooperative and opportunistic schemes (e.g. information theoretic analysis of combinedcooperative-opportunistic schemes, large-system analysis for gain quantification of cooperative schemes) and multiuserdiversity with limited feedback.
  • To develop efficient strategies and coding schemes for cooperative and opportunistic communications, maximizing diversity and coding gain under various operational scenarios (homogeneous versus inhomogeneous channel statistics, full versus partial channel knowledge, codes for a combined cooperative-opportunistic scenario).
  • To develop efficient resource allocation with limited feedback, including decentralized resource allocation, by targeting theoptimal exploitation of various grades of channel information at the transmitters (full, partial, statistical).
  • To implement selected cooperative and opportunistic schemes on a testbed, in order to fully understand practical implementationconstraints, assess the benefits of cooperation and opportunism in realistic environments, and support proof-of-concept.
  • 5 partners, COOPCOM
  • Telecommunications Systems Institute, Coord.