COOPMEDIA - Cooperative Multimedia Transmission over Wireless Networks

Start: 01 April 2010
End: 30 June 2012
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems

Multimedia transmission over mobile devices is one of the most prominent emerging applications in mobile communications. With the rapid proliferation of 3G systems worldwide, multimedia services has become a regular part of our daily mobile communications experience. The increasing demand for multimedia over wireless is supported in the next generation systems such as WiMAX and LTE through the introduction of multiple antennas.
The objective of COOPMEDIA is to advance our understanding on the fundamentals of cooperative multimedia transmission over wireless networks by defining the appropriate performance measures for different applications and by developing the tools to improve the system performance with respect to these performance measures. The theoretical study will lead to new directions to develop novel communication schemes that can form the foundations of future wireless networks. Based on this theoretical development, practical communication protocols will be proposed and analyzed numerically through simulations with real video signals, and experimentally through hardware implementation. The testbed implementation of a cooperative multimedia transmission  proposed in this project will validate the feasibility of cooperative networking and complement our theoretical study by leading us to more realistic assumptions and by helping us better understand the limitations of our theoretical assumptions.

  • Gündüz, Deniz