DYNAMO - Dynamic Communication and Networks

European Science Fundation
Start: 01 January 2005
End: 30 June 2009
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks, Communication Systems
Department: Advanced Signal and Information Processing (ASIP), Mobile Networks (MONET)
Code: Project contract/code: COST ACTION 295
Web:  http://www.cost295.net

The main objective of DYNAMO is to provide foundations, models, algorithms, and general tools for dynamic communication networks. These new decision-support tools will favour the study and the efficient design of applications for networks of decentralized interacting and evolving entities, experiencing possibly brutal modifications of their environments. The scientific objectives of DYNAMO are focused around the following main aspects:

  • Characterization of common properties shared by large-scale dynamic complex networks.
  • Design of new dynamic network models (and general communication schemes), optimized with respect to the new measuresresulting from the above, while improving other system characteristics (reliability, communication delays, etc.).
  • Construction of distributed protocols, (in the standard setting, or combined with the use of mobile agents) capable of extracting and processing local and global network information.
  • Production of basic practical algorithms (for routing, control, searching, etc.) to be used in the development of network-basedapplications.
  • Validation of the results using data extracted from real self-organizing dynamic networks, by the use of reproducible simulations and benchmarks.
  • 34 partners, DYNAMO
  • Krendzel, Andrey