5GCAR - Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation

Start: 01 June 2017
End: 31 July 2019
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks, Communication Technologies
Department: Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)
Code: 761510

5GCAR advances the frontiers of wireless communications technologies for automotive to meet the future societal challenges and expectations in this domain. There are several aspects that need to be addressed. For instance, it is needed to develop an overall 5G system architecture which can provide V2X communication services with high reliability, low latency, and strong security and privacy. Further, it is also needed to integrate existing communication systems with novel, high-performance 5G solutions which add new communication schemes exploiting direct, infrastructure-based and multi-link communication among vehicles and other entities. It is also needed to propose very accurate 5G radio-assisted positioning techniques for both vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) and vehicles. Beyond the technical challenges, it is also needed to understand the new business ecosystem being created around the telecom and automotive sectors, to define new business models and evaluate the existing spectrum usage alternatives that will support a wide range of 5G V2X services. 5GCAR will have significant and timely impact on the standardization efforts of communication technologies for automotive.

  • Ericsson
  • Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
  • Huawei
  • Orange