INSPIRE-5Gplus - INSPIRE-5Gplus INtelligent Security and Pervasive tRust for 5G and Beyond

Start: 01 November 2019
End: 31 October 2022
Funding: European
Status: Ongoing
Division: Communication Networks, Communication Technologies
Department: Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)

INSPIRE-5Gplus aims to make a radical shift in the security management of 5G networks and beyond at the level of platforms and vertical applications and services.

To meet this goal, INSPIRE-5Gplus will devise and implement a fully automated end-to-end smart network and service security management framework that empowers not only protection but also trustworthiness and liability in managing 5G network infrastructures across multi-domains. INSPIRE-5Gplus will ensure that the provided security is compliant with the expected Security Service Level Agreement (SSLA) and the regulation requirements.