ITUMA - Investigation of Technologies for a UAV system for environmental control

Start: 01 January 2008
End: 31 December 2009
Funding: Industry
Status: Due
Division: Geomatics
Department: Geodesy and Navigation (GEON)
Code: RD08-1-0011

The Institute of Geomatics joins in the ITUMA (Investigación de Tecnologías para un sistema integral UAV para control del Medio Ambiente) project from October 2008 to December 2009. The ITUMA project involves experts on different areas in order to generate environment control services based on Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) integrated with thermal infrared imaging sensors.

The members of the ITUMA consortium are Aurensis, CatUAV, Geovirtual and Pildo Labs. Moreover the Catalan research centres Aerospace Research and Technology Centre and Institute of Geomatics are subcontracted to carry out part of the research and development of the ITUMA project. The project is cofunded by Acc1ó.

Earth observation through the traditional platforms (satellite, manned aircraft, manned helicopter) is expensive and revisit of the interest area may be difficult to impossible within a given period. UAS civil application could provide a cheap and non intrusive platform and a feasible system of observation and data acquisition.

The goal of the ITUMA project is to generate environment control services based on UAS. At the same time the ITUMA project shall provide the project partners with the knowledge and technology so that they are ready to develop new products or services related to UAS.

Within the frame of the ITUMA project the Institute of Geomatics works on the orientation of thermal infrared images acquired with a thermal sensor on board an unmanned aerial vehicle, on the design of the calibration flight and on the system calibration as well. This is a challenge, both for the particular properties of thermal infrared images (sensor resolution, radiometric properties, etc.) and for the particular properties of the platform (flight height, stability, etc.).


  • Aurensis, S.L.U.

  • CatUAV, S.L.

  • GeoVirtual, S.L.

  • Pildo Consulting, S.L. Pildo Labs

  • Aerospace Research and Technology Centre

  • Colomina, Ismael