GeoTRAM - Kinematic system for rail track inspection and measurement

Start: 01 January 2009
End: 31 December 2011
Funding: National
Status: Due
Division: Geomatics
Department: Geodesy and Navigation (GEON)
Code: PET2008_0070

GeoTRAM is a TRACE (TRAnsmisión de Conocimiento a Empresa) project supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN). The Institute of Geomatics develops this project in collaboration with AL-TOP Inc. GeoTRAM seeks to achieve a kinematic system for rail track inspection and measurement, in which, navigation and positioning technologies are combined with imaging sensors.

In order to guarantee service’s safety, railway companies carry out frequently ordinary infrastructure inspections and network technical conditions checking. With the current technology, these inspections are logistically tedious and economically expensive. Thus, the use of new technologies capable of optimizing these processes is specially interesting for railway companies. GeoTRAM is located in this background.

GeoTRAM is a knowledge transferring project from the Institute of Geomatics to AL-TOP Inc. based on the evolution of a static track geometry surveying system towards a new kinematic INS/GNSS based full system for rail track inspection and measurement.

The goal of the project is to achieve a low-cost, lightweight, full, robust and reliable system prototype for rail track inspection and measurement. It aims to provide the current system with kinematic capability for inventorying by integrating aided INS/ GNSS navigation technology and optical sensors. Another goal of this project is to analyse the feasibility of using this same new platform for the kinematic track geometry surveying, as well as its possible use in indoor environments.

The research to be done within this project will allow to design and implement a navigation acquisition and processing system prototype as well as an image acquisition and geo-information processing system prototype.



PERIOD: 2009-2011





  • TRACE/MICINN PET2008_0070




AL-TOP Topografia (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Colomina, Ismael