HEGID - Management tools for R&D projects

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Start: 01 December 2006
End: 30 June 2008
Funding: Industry
Status: Due
Code: Project contract/code: OTR050094

The main goal of the HEGID is to develop a framework for the management of R&D projects at CTTC, which could be extended to other research centers. The tool shall also help the process of communicating the high-added-value results that are obtained at CTTC, both internally and externally, so that partner companies are directly aware of the tasks that are being done by the CTTC. The main foreseen outputs of this project are the functional requirements, adapted to the needs of the CTTC, a report on the existing tools, the application itself, and potentially a spin-off which shall exploit the results of this project.

  • CTTC, Coord.