NEWCOM - Network of Excellence in Wireless Comunications

Start: 01 March 2004
End: 28 February 2007
Funding: National
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems, Communication Technologies
Department: Advanced Signal and Information Processing (ASIP), Array and Multi-Sensor Processing (A&MSP), Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), Microwave Systems and Nanotechnology (MSN)
Code: Project contract/code: IST-2002-507525

NEWCOMaims at creating a European network that links in a cooperative way a large number of leading research groups addressing the Strategic Objective “Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G”, a frontier research area of the Priority Thematic Area of IST. The main dimensions of the NEWCOM vision are:

  • Strengthening, development and integration of research in the field
  • Empowerment of groups and individuals via dissemination activities
  • Effective use of produced knowledge via exploitation – commercialisation – standardization strategies

To achieve these dimensions, NEWCOM implements an elaborate plan of initiatives which revolve around the key notion and strategic choice of a Virtual Knowledge Centre: NEWCOM effectively acts as a distributed (decentralised) university, organised in a matrix fashion.

D. Dardari, M. Di Dio, A. Emmanuele, D. Fontanemma, S. Gezici, M. Reza, M. Kieffer, E. Lagunas, J. Louveaux, A. Mallat, M. Nájar, , M. Nicoli, L. Reggiani, M. Rydström, E. Ström, L. Vanderdorpe, F. Zanier, Innovative Signal Processing Techniques for Wireless Positioning , Chapter in "Satellite and Terrestrial Radio Positioning Techniques: A Signal Processing Perspective,"edited by D. Dardari, E. Falletti, M. Luise, Oxford, UK: Elsevier Academic Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780123820846.
  • 61 partners, NEWCOM
  • Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Coord.
  • Politecnico di Torino, Coord.
  • Rubio, Francisco
  • Miškovský, Jr., Pavel
  • Mestre, Xavier
  • Ibars, Christian
  • Bader, Faouzi Carlos
  • Nájar, Montse