NOBEL 2 - Next Generation Optical Networks for Broadband European Leadership Phase 2

Start: 01 March 2006
End: 28 April 2008
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks
Department: Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)
Code: Project contract/code: 27305

The growth of core transport networks in Europe has recently assumed a more gradual and stable trend and it is now definitely oriented to the support of broadband services for a wide mass of European citizens. This evolution is led by a few basic drivers:

  • To improve quality and efficiency in providing current and new services.
  • To optimise the use of resources.
  • To limit operating costs.

These challenging objectives require a revision of network architectures and technologies, an integration of IP and transport layers including advanced Control Plane interworking, and an easy, automated management of optical circuits for fast provisioning and restoration.

The main goal of the IST Integrated Project NOBEL phase 2 is the progress of optical transport networks for a pervasive introduction of broadband services in Europe. Leveraging on the results of the precursor NOBEL, it is specifically devoted to:

  • demostration of the network concepts developed in NOBEL (phase 1) in integrated testbeds and local experiments with special emphasis on end-to-end applications;
  • detailed elaboration of NOBEL (phase 1) network concepts and further development of new network concepts coping with recently emerged opportunities such as the fixed-mobile convergence and the introduction of IPv6.
  • 32 partners, NOBEL 2
  • Telecom Italia Lab., Coord.