NLDHTS - Nonlinear distortion in HTS ressonators and filters for wireless communications

Start: 01 January 2005
End: 31 December 2005
Funding: Industry
Status: Due
Division: Communication Technologies
Department: Microwave Systems and Nanotechnology (MSN)

Thin film HTS technology is able to produce high quality superconducting films on low-loss dielectric substrates, which enables the fabrication of high performance planar microwave devices such as filters, delay lines and pulse-compression devices. The overall goal of this project is to aid and accelerate the development of a HTS front-end receiver for application in wireless industry, by focusing on the power-handling issue (nonlinear behavior of HTS devices). To accomplish this, how the nonlinearities affect the ultimate performance of the HTS front-end receiver will be characterized. In particular, the nonlinear behavior of the filter topology

  • Microwave and Materials Design