GEDOMIS ® - Physical level testbed featuring MIMO

Start: 01 June 2002
End: 31 December 2019
Funding: Internal
Status: Ongoing
Division: Communication Systems, Communication Technologies
Department: Array and Multi-Sensor Processing (A&MSP), Physical-layer Implementation of High Performance Communication Systems (PHYCOM)

GEDOMIS (GEneric hardware DemOnstrator for MIMO Systems) is a multi-antenna wireless communication testbed that enables the prototyping and evaluation of physical layer algorithms targeting MIMO systems. This is feasible thanks to its heterogeneous and reconfigurable structure comprising mixed FPGA and DSP baseband signal processing components, which can be used for the implementation and real-time validation of broadband wireless communication systems. GEDOMIS® also comprises a Radio Frequency (RF) front-end that allows the development of multi-standard receivers. A key instrument of the testbed is the multi-channel emulator that facilitates the verification and testing of MIMO designs prior to field-tests, using realistic mobility scenarios. GEDOMIS® is currently hosting a mobile WiMAX system featuring a 2×2 MIMO configuration and a high channel bandwidth (i.e. 20 MHz). The physical layer signal processing algorithms were deployed using a real-time custom FPGA implementation. The specifications of this high capacity wireless system are an indicative proof of the versatility and processing-power of GEDOMIS®. For more information please visit our page.

Video: FBMC: real-time implementation and experimental validation