QSON - Quality of Service Aware Energy Efficient Self Organizing Future Cellular Networks

Start: 01 February 2013
End: 31 March 2016
Funding: Industry
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks
Department: Mobile Networks (MONET)
Web:  http://qson.org/

Self-organizing networks (SON) is a promising approach, which is receiving significant interest from industrial and research communities, to maximize total performance in cellular networks while reducing its network management costs. The main idea is to reduce the cost of installation and management of the network by bringing into it intelligence and autonomous adaptability and by simplifying operational tasks through the capability to configure, optimize and heal itself.

SON has been introduced by 3GPP as a key component of Long Term Evolution (LTE) network starting from the first release of this technology in Release 8, and expanding to subsequent releases. The main motivation behind the increasing interest in the introduction of SON from operators, standardization bodies and projects is twofold. On the one hand, from the technical perspective, the complexity and large scale of future radio access technologies imposes significant operational challenges due to the multitude of tunable parameters and the intricate dependencies among them. In addition, the advent of new heterogeneous kind of nodes like femto, pico, relays, etc., is expected to make tremendously increase the number of nodes in this new ecosystem, so that traditional network management activities based on e.g. classic manual and field trial design approaches are just not be viable anymore.

SON use cases can be classified according to the phases of the life cycle of a cellular system, i.e. planning, deployment, optimization and maintenance, into: self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing. The project will tackle all these three areas and will also focus on the coordination among them.
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  • University of Oklahoma
  • Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
  • University of Surrey