DREAMS phase I - Technological Development Optical Communication Network DWDM based in ROADMs devices in GMPLS-UCLP software

Start: 01 January 2007
End: 31 December 2007
Funding: National
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks
Department: Optical Networks & Systems (ONS)
Code: Project contract/code: FIT-330220-2007-43

DREAMS is a research and development project on Network Architectures and Network Technologies. The main goal is the design, conception, development and deployment of an experimental optical DWDM network, based on R-OADM devices and both GMPLS control plane and UCLP-based provisioning.

The project fits in the National Sub-programme on Communication Technologies,  focused on the following priority topics: DWDM optical networks, core networks, optical circuit switching, Intelligent re-configurable optical networks and Automatically Switched Otical Networks (ASON).

In this context and scope, the future all-optical transport network will be deployed in ring and mesh topologies,  interconnecting re-configurable OADMs and including optical amplifiers and dispersion compensator devices, enabling end-to-end transmission of client signals in the optical domain without intermediate electrical conversion.

In the DREAMs project, partners will develop the different elements, mechanisms and  architectures of future ASON networks: optical nodes based on R-OADMS, GMPLS-based control plane, and integration of UCLP approaches. for the provisioning and management of optical lighpaths. The developed technologies will be assed in field trials and test-beds.

CTTC is mainly involved in the development of a GMPLS control plane, given the lack of commercially deployed GMPLS-controlled all optical networks and the existing know-how that is shown in the  ADRENALINE (All-optical Dynamic REliable Network hAndLINg IP/Ethernet Gigabit traffic with QoS) test-bed, which has been developed since 2002.

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