2009 SGR 940 - Wireless communications networks and access technologies

Start: 03 August 2009
End: 31 December 2013
Funding: Catalan
Status: Due
Division: Communication Networks, Communication Systems, Communication Technologies
Department: Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), Mobile Networks (MONET), Smart Energy Efficient Communication Technologies (SMARTECH), Statistical Inference (SI)
The main activity of this research group is the study and design of wireless communications networks. In particular, the group is interested in studying access technologies as well as network- related problems. ccess technologies allow the end user to have access to the main telecommunications networks (telephone network, the Internet, or other proprietary networks). Network technologies deal with aspects more related to the end-to-end connection, such as routing, and with terminal
mobility. This research group is structured in four main research lines:1) Advanced techniques for multiuser wireless systems
2) Advanced resource allocation and MAC protocols
3) Self-organized networks and next generation mobile networks
4) Experimental and Simulation tools
  • Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya – CTTC