WINNER II - Wireless World Initiative New Radio II

Start: 01 January 2006
End: 31 December 2007
Funding: European
Status: Due
Division: Communication Systems
Department: Advanced Signal and Information Processing (ASIP)
Code: Project contract/code: 27756

The aim of WINNER is to develop an ubiquitous radio system concept covering the full range of scenarios from short range to wide area networks providing significant improvements compared to current systems in terms of performance, efficiency and coverage flexibility.

WINNER's vision is to provide a common radio interface technology that will adapt to user needs and usage scenarios by utilising advanced and flexible network topologies, physical layer technologies and frequency sharing methods. WINNER will make efficient use of radio spectrum to minimise the cost per bit combining different access technologies in an efficient way.

The main objectives of WINNER are to:

  • identify and analyse challenging user and usage scenarios to derive requirements for the WINNER radio interface;
  • define radio interface technologies needed for an ubiquitous radio system concept;
  • define radio network topologies and deployment concepts for the provision of an ubiquitous coverage area;
  • define radio level co-operation mechanisms between different Radio Access Networks (RANs);
  • define a single ubiquitous radio access system concept, scalable and adaptable to different short range and wide area scenarios.
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  • 40 partners, WINNER II
  • Siemens AG, Coord.