Radio Communications Lab.

The Radio Communications Lab. is provided with several SW and HW tools for mixed-domain and multiple-purpose testing, troubleshooting and validation:

  • Signal creation software for numerous wireless standards:
  • Validation & Fine tuning of CTTC designs at baseband, RF and microwave frequencies.
  • Digital baseband HW&SW tools to enable digital baseband generation, capture, impair, playback and real world signal conditions emulation.
  • High-performance Vector Signal Generators (up to 6GHz) capable of interfacing with signal creation software.
  • Ultra low phase noise CW source from up to 1GHz (in 0.001Hz step resolution).
  • Broadband RF Noise Generators (AWGN, from 5 to 2150MHz) for BER vs SNR testing.
  • Signal evaluation and PHY troubleshooting software tools. Specific standard signal modulation analysis packages dedicated to numerous wireless standards.
  • Spectrum/Signal analyzer (up to 26.5GHz) & multichannel oscilloscope (up to 10GHz, 20/40 GSa/s) capable of interfacing with signal evaluation tools.
  • Logic analyzer for system-level debugging of digital designs.
  • MIMO validation Testbench through joint use of multiple vector signal generators, MIMO radio channel emulator (AccesLab), and multi-channel oscilloscope.


The Laboratory is also provided with several RF, mixedsignal and baseband hardware platforms that are mainly used to develop or construct the Testbeds (i.e GEDOMIS ® Testbed):

  • Multi-band and multi-channel (2-ch WiFi 2.4/5.2 GHz, 2-ch WiMAX 2.6/5.8 GHz) RF Transceiver developed at CTTC.
  • Ultra-high-performance commercial off-the-shelf 4-ch 20 to 3000 MHz reconfigurable RF downconverter.
  • High-speed, multi-channel data acquisition and digital-to-analog conversion platforms equipped with up to eight phase-synchronous ADCs and DACs, with independent software-programmable amplifiers, hosting high-capacity Virtex-4 FPGA.
  • cPCI development board to help develop and test DSP algorithms (designed around two clusters of one Virtex- 4 LX FPGA and two TMS320C6416 DSPs) including a complete board software development kit.

Some target applications are: Advanced base stations, smart antennas, multi-channel IF systems, beamformers, wireless applications (routers, OFDM antenna diversity, Wi-Fi, WiMAX), MIMO space-time coding, Software-defined radio (SDR), geolocation, cognitive radio, and real-time high-speed Test & Measurement systems.