Research at CTTC deals with the physical, data link and network layers of communications systems. So far, four distinct research divisions have been identified in the Research Unit:


Communication Networks Division:

The Communications Networks Division (CND) aims at optimizing the network infrastructure end-to-end. This includes core, metro, and access, optical and wireless, transport and aggregation, fixed and mobile networks. Its research does not stop at theoretical research, but moves to a more practical stage by developing complete simulation frameworks and testbeds with the goal of transfering the technology to industry.

Communication Systems Division:

The Communication Systems Division (CSD) is a group of over 20 researchers in advanced communications and information systems. Its activities are aligned with the following fields of fundamental research:   communication theory, advanced signal and information processing, and radio resource management and intelligence in wireless networks. Its activities concern the following areas of technology: future cellular communications (LTE and beyond), large-scale communication and information systems, power line communications, and satellite communications.

Communication Technologies Division:

The Communication Technologies Division (CTD) aims is to address the research to the most endeavouring challenges that future communications technologies will face: those of energy and bandwidth efficiency. CTD research has a strong experimental emphasis, achieved through the use of demonstrators and testbeds, and the focus is on component (subsystem) level and also on PHY and MAC layers.

Geomatics Division:

The Geomatics Division centres its activities in two main areas of the Geomatics discipline: the area of positioning and navigation, focused on techniques that allow the improvement of precision; and the area of remote sensing, which means Earth observation through images and data collected by sensors onboard of satellites and aircrafts, and ground-based sensors.

The Geomatics Division is the  integration of the former institute of Geomatics into CTTC.