25 July 2017

Richi Talent 2017

Vladimir Trukhaev, a high-school student from the St. Paul’s School (Barcelona), visited CTTC after being awarded a Richi Talent Scholarship.

During his one-week stay at CTTC, Vladimir was introduced to the field of machine learning by Javier Matamoros and David Gregoratti, two of our researchers in the Communications Systems Division.

The term machine learning comprises a broad range of techniques to design algorithms that learn from data the best prediction/classification policies when classic analytic approaches lead to impossible or unpractical solutions. After getting himself familiar with the basics of machine learning, Vladimir’s task will be to explore how these tools may help people with special needs.

Richi Talent is an international contest in which students compete to solve a theme-based challenge created by companies and institutions of international prestige through a research project. Students represent their schools by choosing challenges in different areas of knowledge: Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Art and Music. Students attend online seminars organized by sponsoring institutions to gather all pertinent information for developing their project. Selected students participate in a short-term research visit, to continue with the development of their projetcs under the guidance of experts in the area of the challenge.