Science Week 2011-1
15 DEC

Weekly Seminar: “Presentation of Catalan Companies that attended the ACCIÓ trade mission and innovation in China (China Hi-Tech Fair) and Hong Kong 2015″

ABSTRACT:  Through different actors who participated in the trade mission and innovation in China (China Hi-Tech Fair 2015) and Hong Kong, organized by ACCIÓ, we will know the business areas where they are specialized, as well as possibilities in a market with strong growth such as the Asian market. SPEAKERS: Mr. Ricard Chetrit, Managing Director, [...]

09 DEC

Weekly Seminar: “Overview of the high frequency and optical devices project (MINECO Ref. PIB2010BZ-00585)”

09 December 2015 - 09 December 2015

ABSTRACT: This talk will summarize the main results achieved during the execution of the project: high frequency and optical devices (Dispositivos ópticos y de alta frecuencia), financed by MINECO of Spain. The results regarding an Otto chip for surface plasmon resonance based optical sensing will be described. Micromachined coaxial circuits have been developed for 60 [...]

22 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Radio frequency and sensor technologies for university-industry research collaboration – making inroads into successes”

22 September 2015 - 22 September 2015

ABSTRACT: Radio frequency (RF) and wireless sensor technologies have been impacting the new millennium with the greatest force than ever before. The motto is to wirelessly collect and process data at every point of transactions of our everyday life for the betterment of national economy, health and wellbeing of mass population. Wi-fi, near field communications [...]

Carlos Bader-David Pubill 21/03/07
24 AUG

Weekly Seminar: “Physics and mathematics of radio wave propagation in cellular wireless communications”

24 August 2015 - 24 August 2015
Speaker: Prof. Tapan K. Sarkar, Prof. Magdalena Salazar-Palma

ABSTRACT: The objective of this talk is to illustrate that an electromagnetic macro model can accurately predict the dominant component of the propagation path loss for a cellular wireless communication. The reason a macro model can provide accurate results that agree with experiments is because the trees, buildings, and other man made obstacles contribute second order [...]

03 AUG

Weekly Seminar: “A Sparsity-Perspective to Time-Frequency Signal Representations”

03 August 2015 - 03 August 2015

ABSTRACT: This talk considers nonstationary signal analysis in view of the signal sparsity properties. We examine these signals, which arise in numerous applications, within the framework of compressive sensing (CS) and sparse reconstructions. We present two general approaches to incorporate sparsity into time-frequency signal presentation (TFSR). In the first approach, quadratic TF distributions (QTFDs) are [...]

Martin Maier
22 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “CAPEX vs OPEX. How to get the maximum of the limites project budget”

22 July 2015 - 22 July 2015

ABSTRACT: The Microlease company will introduce this seminar based on “How to get the maximum of the limites project budget”. Microlease is the market leader in electronic Test Equipment, offering complete solutions for rental, new and refurbished instruments through to total equipment management. Since 1979, they have helped their customers become the most efficient users [...]

15 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “When telecommunications networks meet the energy grids: the energy harvesting cellular networks”

15 July 2015 - 15 July 2015

ABSTRACT: The fifth generation (5G) of mobile technology will support 1000 times more capacity per unit area than 4G, for more than 100 billion devices. The higher capacity demanding human-centric communications will be complemented by an enormous increase in the number of communicating machines, the so called Internet of Things (IoT). 5G will enable the [...]

08 JUN

Modelling Heterogeneus Cellular Networks Interference Using Poisson Cluster Processes

08 June 2015 - 08 June 2015

ABSTRACT: Future mobile networks are converging towards heterogeneous multi-tier networks (HetNets), where macro-, pico- and femto-cells are randomly deployed based on user demand. One of the deleterious effects of this set-up is the challenge in accurately modelling the resulting interference. A popular approach for interference modelling is to use stochastic geometry where the location of [...]

02 JUN

Weekly Seminar: “Mobile Data Offloading”

02 June 2015 - 02 June 2015
Speaker: Dr. Jianwei Huang

ABSTRACT: We are witnessing an unprecedented worldwide growth of mobile data traffic. However, traditional network expansion methods by acquiring more spectrum licenses, deploying new macrocells, and upgrading technologies are costly and time-consuming. Clearly, network operators must find novel methods to resolve the mismatch between demand and supply growth, and mobile data offloading appears as one [...]

27 MAY

New waveform designs and the application of FBMC/OQAM to MIMO

27 May 2015 - 27 May 2015

ABSTRACT: The objective of this presentation is to first describe the new waveform designs that are being considered as a potential substitutes of OFDM. The second part is devoted to justify why the filter bank multicarrier modulation based on OQAM (FBMC/OQAM) is identified as one of the most competitive contenders. Finally, the application of FBMC/OQAM [...]