27 JUN

Weekly Seminar: “Green In-Building Optical-Wireless Networks”

ABSTRACT: Today, in-building networks consume only a small fraction of buildings’ total power consumption. However, their power consumption is directly proportional to their aggregate bit rate, and so grows exponentially every year. As a result, unless new “green” network technologies are developed, the networks’ energy consumption will dominate all other energy sinks (such as A/C, [...]

20 JUN

Weekly Seminar: “Multi-frequency Co-prime Arrays for DOA Estimation”

ABSTRACT: Co-prime arrays have found broad applications in both areas of radar and sonar. Co-prime arrays are two subarrays with co-prime elements and co-prime inter-element spacing. The equivalent co-array includes a large number of virtual elements, thus increasing the number of degrees of freedom and enabling direction of arrival estimations of a number of sources [...]

12 MAR

Weekly Seminar: “The remote sensing department of CTTC”

ABSTRACT: The speech will provide an introductory presentation to the Remote Sensing Department (RSE), one of the two departments of the Geomatics Division of CTTC. The presentation will outline the main research focus of RSE and describe some of its most important research activities, which include satellite radar interferometry, ground based radar interferometry, real-aperture-radar, etc. [...]

19 FEB

Weekly Seminar: “Beamforming Design and Power Control for Spectrum Sharing Systems”

ABSTRACT: In order to provide wireless services for the current demand of high data rate mobile applications, more spectrally efficient systems are needed. As a matter of fact, the current wireless systems are limited by a frequency splitting spectrum management which on one hand minimizes the multiuser interference but; on the other hand, it precludes [...]

Science Week 2011-2
05 FEB

“A Crash Talk on a Crash Course on Writing Competitive H2020 Proposals”

ABSTRACT: Last December 2013 I attended a very interesting course called “How to Write a Competitive Proposal for H2020″. The course was lectured by Dr. Sean McCarthy from Hyperion Ltd. Training Courses. Along his career, he has been involved in more than 150 project proposals, has coordinated 16 projects, has been involved in 60 projects [...]

19 DEC

Weekly Seminar: “Broadband Satellite Communications: State of the Art and Future Evolutions”

Speaker: Alberto Ginesi, Head of the Communication-TT&C Systems & Techniques Section ESA

ABSTRACT:  The presentation will address the state of the art and future evolutions of satellite broadband networks from the system and physical layer access point of view. After a short introduction of satellite broadband communication networks as well as a review of existing or planned high throughput satellites, the key evolutions at system/physical layer will [...]

Science Week 2011-4
13 DEC

Weekly Seminar: “Manufacturing goes digital”

Speaker: Helena Martínez, Xavier Sol

ABSTRACT: As digital tools are gaining ground in business management, traditional sectors such as manufacturing also turn into digital. It can not be otherwise: task automation, telecommunications networks, sensing and signal transmition, remote machines, augmented reality … these technologies take already a significant role in the production processes. The question is why not including the [...]

Oriol Font 18/04/07
04 NOV

Weekly Seminar: “GEODA antenna system for satellite communications”

ABSTRACT:  With the fast growth in the number of satellites in the last decade , particularly in the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) constellations, it is necessary to work with ground stations that allow monitoring and control the satellites (TTC operations). The current solution based on satellite dishes can not cover [...]

Luis Blanco 10/10/07
23 OCT

Weekly Seminar: “Laser Safety in Optical Fiber Communication Systems”

Place: CTTC Auditorium, October 23rd, 10:00h

ABSTRACT: In Optical Fiber Communication Systems the optical radiation is completely enclosed under normal operation and hence no optical energy is accessible to the operator or any other personnel. However, a risk of exposure to optical energy above the safe limits may arise during service operations or in the event of a fiber breakage. IEC [...]

08 OCT

Weekly Seminar: “Design of the Interconnect for Effective Chip Multiprocessor Systems”

ABSTRACT: Current technology still pushes for higher number of nodes in future chips. Chip Multiprocessor systems (CMPs) and Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) systems are targeted with the many-core approach where tens and hundreds of cores are expected to be supported. In such configurations, the network inside the chip plays a central role, shifting the system from [...]