Carlos Bader-David Pubill 21/03/07
10 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Equalization and Adaptation of Nonlinear Systems”

ABSTRACT: This talk provides a tutorial introduction to nonlinear signal processing with emphasis on equalization of nonlinear distortions in practical problems and adaptation of nonlinear system models. In the first part of the talk, we will discuss efficient approaches to inversion and equalization of a broad class of nonlinear systems. We will start by looking [...]

Carles Fernàndez 04/07/2007
06 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Compressive Sensing for Urban Radar”

ABSTRACT:  Towards the objective of providing timely actionable intelligence in urban environments, compressive sensing (CS) and sparse reconstruction techniques have recently been shown to yield reduced cost, simplified hardware, and efficient sensing operations that allow high-resolution imaging of sparse behind- the-wall scenes. Compressive Sensing for Urban Radars, or Compressive Urban Sensing, is an area of [...]

Stephan Pfletschinger 14/03/07
06 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Robust and scalable sensing for tomorrow’s power grids”

ABSTRACT: The smart grid vision urges for enhanced situational awareness over our power systems. While sensing and data networks are being installed throughout the grid, algorithms that can efficiently process the “big data” deluge of possibly unreliable meters are now demanded. This talk first focuses on robust sensing, defined as the task of recovering information [...]

05 SEP

Weekly Seminar: “Towards Greener Smartphones with Microwave Measurements”

ABSTRACT: Today’s smartphone handsets offer a wide range of functions (phone, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, .) to customers, although are still perceived as expensive and energy consuming (requiring a daily recharge). The aim of this talk is to show how microwave measurements impact smartphone design. By optimally engineering the type of measurements made before and after [...]

30 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “Metrology Developments for Future Wireless Technologies”

ABSTRACT: Emerging Wireless Technologies have an impact on nowadays microwave characterization technologies, the change in paradigm from analog to digital and from RF to DC, has a strong impact in the way nonlinear microwave characterization is seen. In this talk a general overview of these technologies is presented, focusing on Software Defined Radio and on [...]

Science Week 2011-3
17 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “Digital design and experimental validation of high-performance real-time OFDM systems”

The goal of this Ph.D. dissertation is to address a number of challenges encountered in the digital baseband design of modern and future wireless communication systems. Indeed, the core contribution of the thesis is the simplification and optimization of critical Digital Signal Processing (DSP) baseband building blocks, which are encountered in modern OFDM-based communication systems, [...]

09 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “Technological Intelligence and Innovation”

Knowing the state of the art of a technological progress or discover new emerging technologies help researchers and executives to make better decisions when developing new projects. This seminar will discuss aspects on technological intelligence and its application in the innovation process. It will cover some fundamental aspects such as early warning and trend analysis, [...]

Francisco Rubio 05/06/08
03 JUL

Weekly Seminar: “TECNALIA: ‘Inspiring Business’ “

Speaker: Diego de Miguel Murillo, Business Development Manager; Mikel Sánchez, Telecom Area Director

ABSTRACT: In this Seminar, a presentation of Tecnalia through two lines of dialogue will be done: A line focus on philosophy called “Inspiring Business” where there will be an overview of Tecnalia and in particular its four business models and, on the other hand, there will be a technological line on the R&D valuation in [...]

12 JUN

State-of-the-art FPGA-based Modular Equipment for Telecommunications

Speaker: Marc Almendros, CEO - Chief Executive Officer at Signadyne
Place: CTTC Auditorium / 10:00h

The mix between modular instrumentation and FPGA technology is changing the way telecommunication equipment is developed. In this Seminar we will see how Signadyne develops FPGA-based modular equipment for high performance real-time applications.

Toni Pascual 16/07/08
29 MAY

Remote sensing for archaeology: the Valley of the Khans Project

The purpose of this project was to employ cutting-edge remote-sensing techniques, combined with historical and archaeological research, in order to discover and identify important archaeological sites in a remote region of Northern Mongolia. ABSTRACT: The Valley of the Khans project was a 3-year (2009-2011), multi-disciplinary effort between the University of California San Diego and the [...]