12 JUN

State-of-the-art FPGA-based Modular Equipment for Telecommunications

Speaker: Marc Almendros, CEO - Chief Executive Officer at Signadyne
Place: CTTC Auditorium / 10:00h

The mix between modular instrumentation and FPGA technology is changing the way telecommunication equipment is developed. In this Seminar we will see how Signadyne develops FPGA-based modular equipment for high performance real-time applications.

Toni Pascual 16/07/08
29 MAY

Remote sensing for archaeology: the Valley of the Khans Project

The purpose of this project was to employ cutting-edge remote-sensing techniques, combined with historical and archaeological research, in order to discover and identify important archaeological sites in a remote region of Northern Mongolia. ABSTRACT: The Valley of the Khans project was a 3-year (2009-2011), multi-disciplinary effort between the University of California San Diego and the [...]